The 2008 Historic US 40 Yard Sale Trip Journal

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The KICK-OFF May 28 th, 2008 at 8:30am at the Dublin Fire Station

There will be a kick off at the Dublin Fire Station on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 8:30 AM to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

Refreshments will be served.


Click here to view a detailed list of the gift baskets/contents.
Hope you're able to attend!!

May, 7 2008 Other businesses to include even though I didn't get to visit them.
Illinois   Indiana
  • Marshall
    • Bishop's Café
  • Lebanon
    • Schippa's Pizza
  • Indianapolis
    • Acapulco Joe's
  • Richmond
    • Main St. Diner
Maryland   West Virginia
  • Frostburg
    • Princess Restaurant
    • Long Stretch Market
  • Baltimore
    • Gramercy Mansion Bed And Breakfast
    • Vellegia's
    • Jimmy's Restaurant
    • Blue Door on Baltimore Bed And Breakfast
    • Sotto Sopra
    • Phoenix Risin' Bed And Breakfast
    • City Market
  • Ellicott City
    • Bare Bones Restaurant
    • Double T Diner
  • Chesterton
    • The Brampton Inn Bed And Breakfast
    • Waterman's Crab House
    • White Swan Bed And Breakfast
    • Carrousel Inn Bed And Breakfast
    • Annapolis
    • Georgian Pillars
  • Glenelg
    • Glenelg Inn Bed And Breakfast
    • MD's Country Pub
  • New Market
    • Mallard's Restaurant
  • Wheeling
    • Ernie Esquire's Supper Club
  • Dayton
    • Cold Beer And Cheeseburgers
    • Oregon Express
    • Rob's Family Restaurant
  • Fairborn
    • Roush's Restaurant
  • Springfield
    • Murphy's Irish Pub
    • WaBeee Shawnee
    • Restaurant
    • Westcott House
  • Lafayette
    • Red Brick Inn
  • Salesville
    • Sugar Shack Drive-In

April 30, 2008

Several businesses have continued to offer support of The Historic National Road Yard Sale. These efforts are also VERY much appreciated!!

Cambridge City, Indiana

El Cazador Mexican Restaurant in has outstanding food. The salsa is exceptional!! For some strange reason, I never seem to veer from ordering the fajita.

The wait staff is extremely friendly. And... it NEVER takes long for food to arrive at the table.

Alan Austin, owner of Waskom Funeral Home has supplied me with many more HNR Flyers.

He's always friendly, helpful, and has a wonderful dry wit.

New Castle, Indiana

I was in New Castle, Indiana recently. It's time to start thinking about filling the gift baskets for the Kick-off which will be held at the Dublin Fire Station May 28, 2008 at 8:30 AM in Dublin, Indiana.

I had some pea shooters which I planned to incorporate into a gift basket. Webb's Personal Touch Landscaping & Garden Center gave me a bag of the perfect-sized peas which will also be incorporated into my gift basket. And... this instantaneous gift was TRULY appreciated.

Roxanne, the head floral designer at the New Castle Kroger's, donated BOTH large and small cellophane floral bags to hold the gift bags. (The ribbon will certainly come in handy. Michelle, who is the store manager, also deserves kudos!!

Last night I had a sirloin steak dinner at Razzles. The steak was fork tender, and it wasn't necessary to add any seasonings or steak sauce. The coleslaw was also tangy and fresh.

Service was A-1, too!!

Straughn, Indiana

Ryan Clarke
, owner of Clarke Meats, has been in business approximately three years.

Someone is going to be QUITE happy when they receive a box of T-bones at the kick-off!!

Mt. Auburn, Indiana

Big Daddy's Pizza in Mt. Auburn, Indiana had wonderful pizza. I had a deluxe pizza with all the toppings, and the crust was truly laden. The crust was also quite crisp and not the least bit soggy.

April 16, 2008 - Belmont County (Ohio) Tourism Council

Everyone along the Historic National Road was very kind and helpful.

However, when I crossed the Ohio River from Wheeling, West Virginia into St. Clairsville, Ohio, I felt that I was home!! A good bit of this feeling/philosophy is attributed to the fact that I'm also a Midwesterner.

The people in St. Clairsville are very friendly and helpful. A lot of this enthusiasm may be attributed to both Doc Householder and Doris White who work at the Belmont County Tourism Council. They possess acumen for helping promote the Historic National Road.

I'm truly grateful for the kind folks in the easternmost portion of Ohio!!

April 15, 2008 - Springfield, Ohio to Dublin, Indiana

Denna Johnson who owns The Lamp Shop in South Vienna, Ohio had invited me to spend two nights in the Historic Buena Vista Motel. This historic motel was built in the 1930's. Denna has combined the beauty and comfort of a rural Historic National Road setting with the modern conveniences of nearby I-70. The cabin has been restored and furnished to look like a 1930's motor lodge cabin but the amenities, such as a full kitchenette and HDTV, are completely modern.

I had left my orange cranberry pecan bread in the refrigerator along with a jar of celery seed dressing from Penn Alps in Grantsville, Maryland. When my plans changed, I called Denna to say I wouldn't be coming and to be sure and use what was in the motel frig.

Denna also had a hectic week, and she said that I was more than welcome to come and visit another time when both of us are free.

Denna is also quite active in the Ohio National Road Association and has seen to it that the HNR flourishes in her area.

Anyway, I stopped to visit with Ray Crawford owner of Crawford's Market and Campground. Another staunch HNR supporter, Ray sent a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts to assuage my hunger. Cheryl, aka "Giggles", also shared in the conversation.

Ray has maintained this campground for over fifty years. It's like old home week whenever I see his store!!

After leaving Crawford's Market, I went to the library in Springfield, Ohio. I needed to have a couple of questions answered as well as having some copies made. Everyone was so pleasant and resourceful!!

Enon, Ohio has two outstanding restaurants from which to select.

I had dinner at the Dock Restaurant which features seafood fixed in many innovative ways. (Old favorites also are featured.)

I had a shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce. The twang of horseradish was akin to perfection in a subtle manner. The coconut shrimp were crisp with plenty of the tropical goody.

There were BOTH rye and white bread to eat with your meal. The house salad was crisp with all sorts of extras included. The veggies were lightly salted and included thin strips of fresh asparagus.

I then went to the Carriage House for dessert. The Texas sheet cake was very moist with a strong cocoa taste. And... I wish that I could have also eaten from the buffet!! Everything was homemade. The menu also rotates on a daily basis.

It's (literally) feast or famine!!

There will be more of a synopsis on my arrival in Dublin a bit later.

But...65 days, 4,400 miles, 195 meals, approximately 50 different beds...I was HOME!!

April 14, 2008 - Columbus, Ohio to Springfield, Ohio

Jackie sent me on the road with some wonderful cranberry pecan bread in case I became hungry. I truly enjoyed Jackie's company. She's had a very interesting life such as raising horses on Catalina Island, California, singing, and simply savoring every minute the day has to offer. I'm sure that she could have introduced me to many more nooks in Columbus had there been time.

There are many motels along this stretch which saw their heyday in the 60's. Some of the more fortunate ones have been maintained as motels while other are boarded up or are gradually crumbling away.

Cathy Curry has a restored farmhouse on the outskirts of Springfield, Ohio called Blackberry Lane Bed And Breakfast. It's clearly evident that both she and her husband care for their guests!!

The first indication of this was when I couldn't find her house on a county road after dark. She patiently talked me 1/8 mile by 1/8 mile until I pulled into her driveway.

There's a special hospitality room upstairs where Cathy had left me two pieces of homemade orange cake. Any other snack that one would want was also available.

The entire house sparkled, and Cathy asked me (the night before) what I'd like for breakfast. True to the country style, there were pancakes, maple syrup, crisp bacon, scrambled eggs, juice, and hot tea.

Cathy aptly assisted me on Tuesday morning when I decided to reroute a portion of my trip.

April 14, 2008 - Columbus, Ohio

Both John and Darci who are the proprietors of the German Village Guesthouse go way over and beyond to make individuals feel special!!

The phone wasn't working in my room Sunday night . At 10:30 Darci left her home to come over and give me a message. She then said to take all of the time necessary to return the call.

A couple who had recently gotten married had forgotten to buy a bottle of wine. Darci scurried home and returned so their thirst could be assuaged.

Monday morning, I was treated to a wonderful breakfast. Hard-cooked eggs greeted me instead of a breakfast casserole!! There was also homemade banana bread, granolas, a sundry of juices, plus all sorts of other items to keep one's energy going late into the afternoon.

Jackie, my friend, joined me for breakfast. John came in and talked about his ideas for a B & B, his other professions, and Columbus and German Village in general.

The decor is stunning. When I asked John about why there wasn't clutter, he said that could be attributed to Darci's doing. Everything in the B & B is sleek and modern!!

The day was quite warm and sunny for mid-April. Jackie and I opted for a field trip to Green Lawn Cemetery which is the second largest in Ohio.

We picked up info and began looking for some of the more unusual monuments. There was a Woodsman of the World Monument, a bronze fisherman, a coffin shaped monument, an Indian chief, and a coral appearing monument. We also saw where James Thurber, native son from Columbus, was buried.

Jackie has lived in the vicinity for over forty years. She then gave me an extensive tour to places where I'd never tether out.

April, 13 2008 - Hebron, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio

Today could be considered nonplused since there weren't any appointments or deadlines to meet. My first stop was Yardsale Thrift Store in Kirkersville, Ohio.

Kathleen and Ron strongly attest to the motto "DON'T FEED THE DUMPSTERS' "LET US RECYCLE IT!!"

RON PROVIDED ME WITH A "Snoopy Type" autograph dog from the late 50's or early 60's for the kick-off. He also provided several old motel-related items which will definitely come in handy.

Several miles down the road, I had an Italian beef sandwich at the Shamrock Motel and Store in Pataskala, Ohio. A 1/2 sandwich was really more than I could consume.

I also learned that the Shamrock Motel is the first motel in Ohio. And... the guy who built the Shamrock also built several more (the precursor to a chain motel) along US 40. I then remembered that there's a similar motel near Greenfield, Indiana.

It's a strange mix the way US 40 winds through Columbus. There are some exclusive neighborhoods, then some not so, then more that are up and coming.

I purposely planned to get in Columbus fairly early in the afternoon. German Village is a place I've never really explored other than to drive through so I'd be able to see what "Old" Columbus is/was really like.

I knew that the German Village Guesthouse would have every amenity possible. I also wanted to take a brief respite from eating out. I simply wanted to enjoy the guesthouse and room!!

"Where is Kroger's?", I asked. Precise directions were given.

As I entered the store, a representative from the Columbus Post Dispatch was handing out free Sunday papers. Nice!!

I then started to meander around Kroger's. It didn't take long for one of the individuals working in produce to corroborate my thought that this was certainly an up market store. (In fact, it's the most affluent of all the stores in the metro Columbus area).

There was a special in the deli section. If you had your plus card, it was possible to select three items from the "cold" section (to be reheated later) plus a roll. For approximately $5.50 ($7 + without a plus card), I had steamed white and green asparagus with red pepper garnish, citrus carrots, and dilled chicken salad. It was truly disappointing that there were no more rolls. I had to make a decision between an oversize raison bran muffin or a cranberry orange scone!!

At the German Village Guesthouse, I put on a robe, heated my food, and became absorbed in the newspaper.

April, 12 2008 - Hebron, Ohio Sat.
I met with a contingency of dedicated individuals at the Herb N' Ewe Restaurant/Gift Shop in Thornville, Ohio.

This group of individuals has certainly utilized creativity and ingenuity to promote the Historic National Road Yard Sale in the 37 miles of US 40 in Licking County. Individuals from each of the communities along the route are working diligently to pass flyers and have the info given to the newspapers. Other press has also been contacted. And...the simple acts of smiling and showing enthusiasm certainly go a long way!!

Charla Devine has arranged for me to have an interview with a Newark, Ohio radio station. She has also sent numerous pres releases throughout the county and beyond.

This is also Licking County's Bicentennial, and I'm sure that this will further enhance the HNR participation!!

Barb Wade, owner of Herb N' Ewe Restaurant/Gift Shop in Thornville served many delicates. The kalamatra olive spread and herbed tomato/bread strips were especially tasty!! Bard didn't want me to leave hungry----she sent a whole loaf of homemade peanut butter/banana bread for me to consume later.

Charla introduced me to Aaron at Bud's Produce in Jacksontown, Ohio. The produce is fresh and more reasonably priced than in the grocery stores. Sue, Aaron's mother, gave me a mile marker in the shape of a bank. I then had a pan fried chicken dinner with all of the trimmings at Clark's Dining Room in Jacksontown, Ohio. This eatery has been around forever....And...I had fresh blackberry pie later on in the evening courtesy of Clark's.

I was especially touched by the way several individuals generously donated money so I could spend a restful night at the Best Western in Hebron, Ohio. The hotel also helped to provide for my night's accommodation.

The breakfast was outstanding. It was fun to prepare my own Belgian waffle with all sorts of toppings.

Thanks you guys for all of your thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity!! Licking County has done itself proud!!

Cambridge Ohio - April 11, 2008 (Fri.)
Cambridge , Ohio and Guernsey are both incredible. There is so much to see and do in within a short driving distance. A great deal of the credit for my wonderful stay may be attributed to Debbie Robinson who is the Executive Director of the Cambridge/ Guernsey County Visitors And Convention Bureau.

Diane Barnes told of an anecdote pertaining to one of the mile markers on Old Washington, Ohio which is her hometown. Someone from her community was attending Ameriflora in Columbus, Ohio in 1992 to commemorate the 500 Anniversary of when Christopher Columbus visited America. ( Columbus, Ohio was named for him.)

Anyway, there was one of the mile markers predominantly displayed amid a fresh floral display. Someone had "borrowed" it from the an ODOT garage.

Petitions were made (and granted) to have the original mile marker returned to its rightful home in Old Washington. Now, the marker is proudly displayed in Village Memorial Park.

Dian also added another nugget of info. There are several upping stones along US 40. These were stones along the street which would facilitate individuals being able to get up in a stagecoach in an easier manner.

Debbie, as well as ALL of her staff is very courteous, thoughtful, and astute. Shawna, who works in the office, immediately recognized me from two years ago. She presented me with a "welcome" gift bag.

But...the best was yet to come. Debbie presented me with a framed photo of Mr. Eli when he visited two years ago. It twinged my heart for a moment or two. Debbie, however, assured me that Mr. Eli would NOT want me to be sad.

Debbie, Diane Barnes, the mayor of Old Washington, and Francis G. Taylor, Executive Director of Cambridge Main Street, and I went to Theo's for lunch. This has been a Cambridge Dining Tradition since 1931. Theo's has authentic Greek food as well as mile-high pies. My choice was fresh strawberry.

Each of the individuals provided insight into the community and county. Cambridge is indeed fortunate to have Debbie Robinson whose work seems to be performed quietly and seamlessly.

April 11, 2008 - Friday

Many individuals were willing to provide support for the kickoff for the HNR. I'd like to thank each of the following individuals for their generous donations. Debbie Robinson, Cambridge/Guernsey County CVB, Francis G. Taylor, Executive Director/Cambridge Main Street, Theo's Restaurant, De Brooke Aroma Coffee Shop, The Attic Trunk, Country Bits & Pieces, and Jim Coughen will help make attendees at the Dublin kick-off happy!!

A special thanks again to all of you!!

April 11, 2008 - Friday

There also has been a much-needed business added to the roster of Cambridge's businesses!!

Julie Fox has just opened the 1511 Clairmont Bed And Breakfast at 1511 Clairmont Street. (Hint: Just remember "Who's On First"!!)

This brand new casual B & B is family-friendly and has ONE (l) pet-friendly room on the first floor.

When I checked into her hostelry, I had the chance to make a selection from one of her four bright and airy rooms. (It's always a plus when the rooms sport light colors which can't help enhance one's spirit!! )

Julie's low rates and excellent service will definitely surprise you!!

It was also fun to have a blackboard in the recreation room with my moniker.

Julie and I then spent the evening talking and guess what else....EATING?? The Bear's Den is located right on US 40. The combination of elegant dining and rustic appeal is a combination which meant that Julie and I ate and talked for almost two hours. Ed & Nicki, the owners, have thought of every detail to make the diner wish to linger. The cod au gratin merged perfectly cooked fish with a tangy/mild cheese sauce. Julie's steak salad was also accompanied with fries BUT were served in a dish. Malt vinegar provided an added twinge.

Julie then took me out in the country to hear the a myrid of spring peepers chirping away.

Julie prepared a made-to order breakfast of scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, whole wheat toast, and apple juice. Again, as we ate we compared B & B stories. Julie is enthusiastic and effervescent (SP?) and has not been jaded by years of wanting to do everything "perfect".


April, 11 2008 - Top 10 Places on the HNR
My US 40 Odyssey is winding down. A week from today I'll be again in the Hoosier State.

Almost 4000 miles were covered. Two thousand of which were spent directly on the National Road. (The remaining miles were spent driving around in the cities, retracing routes for various and sundry reasons, and making short jaunts off the HNR to nearby cities.

It's been an exhilarating experience! More than I ever thought possible!!

So many people in all walks and economic strata of life have provided insight. To each of you I wish I could think of more than a simple "Thanks".

David Letterman has his Top l0 Lists. a fellow Hoosier....I've compiled my Top 10 Cities along the Historic National Road. A short bit of criteria has been listed after each. (Note: The lower the numeral, the higher the ranking of the city,)

1) Brownsville, Pennsylvania-----Unique city development, rich history, extremely helpful people, rich architecture and cemeteries.

2) Dublin, Indiana----- My hometown. This is where there were/are so many special people and businesses who believed in me before I did. Everyone has worked in a cohesive manner to help ALL on the HNR. Let's make the 5th Anniversary the best yet!!

3) Ellicott City, Maryland----Wonderful Historic District with circuitous (sp.) roads, diverse shops, excellent restaurants.

4) Frostburg, Maryland....An Eastern community with an old-West feel, many Historic spots nestled everyone, be sure to check out the Depot District!!

5) Frederick, Maryland----A large city with a small town flavor. Wonderful architecture, dog-friendly businesses (over the top), too many restaurants to even count.

6) Putnamville, Indiana (or close by)----A view of the aging Walker Motel is an image not to be missed!!

7) Highland, Illinois-----A very friendly and visitor-friendly community. How can one forget the Tibbits House B & B with chocolate resembling Heinz's 57 varieties!!

8) Wheeling, West Virginia----Another city which has preserved its heritage in a respectful way. The high hills with all sorts of little enclaves to explore are a bonus element.

9) New Concord, Ohio----Yes 40 runs right through the center of this college town in Eastern Ohio. The ambiance on either side of the street makes it conducive to want to get out and explore beyond....

10) Debbie Robinson and the Guernsey County CVB, Theo's Restaurant, the Ramada Inn (who bailed me out for two nights during the ice storm), and the overall friendly community a special "thanks".

If other people have experienced community-wise along the Historic National Road, please share them with me.

Happy Trails!!


Pine Lakes Lodge April 11, 2008 - Friday
One of the benefits of slightly realigning my trip was that it was possible to reschedule a stay at Pine Lakes Lodge near Salesville, Ohio. Brooke provided excellent directions as well as other tidbits of info which would make my stay even more pleasant.

Breakfast is provided each day. Guests have the option of selecting their menu the night before. I opted for sausage, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, decaf tea, and blueberry stuffed French toast.

Since it was possible for me to use the kitchen, I brought a pound of grain-fed hamburger from Dickinson Farms where longhorn cows are raised. I'd never used a Jenn-Air grill before which was an experience in itself!! Either I hadn't mastered the art of heating the grill, or I was simply too impatient. Either way, I elected to finish cooking the burgers in the microwave.

My room was comfort PLUS!! Every detail had been addressed. I noted that it WAS possible to look out over the surrounding countryside from my bed. So many times, a facility advertises "excellent views". But once you get in bed the horizon disappears!!

Sammy, the resident parrot, kept me company while I worked on my trip Journal. He's mastered a few words, and he's also partial to having the radio left on when everyone leaves.

I was sorry that the two resident bulldogs (summer/fall only) were still in southern Ohio.

Leah and Leo never want for attention during their visit. Guests are allowed to give them dog treats from the lodge, cuddle and play with them, and also have either (or both) canines also hike along the trails.

Pine Lakes Lodge also caters to weddings and other special events. It's not hard to discern that every minute detail would be covered.

My only regret is that wished that I'd been iced in here when the heavy snow and ice storm invaded Eastern Ohio in March!!

Carol, who owns and operates, Twice Is Nice has a vibrant sense of humor. We had lots of fun talking in her shop which contains gently used clothing, books, cd's, soy candles and so much more in the hamlet of Quaker City, Ohio. Every bit of space is utilized including a vintage safe!!

When I went to get in my car, Carol had left me a pan of buckeye loaf. This is quite similar to buckeyes, only it cuts neatly into a square. Calories abound either bite one takes!!

April 7,2008 - Brownsville PA to Wheeling W VA. Mon.
I'd read in several articles how PA is so proud of all of the mile markers which traverse roughly 90 miles across the Pennsylvania portion of the HNR.

I wondered WHY this state has ALL of their markers and many of the other states have markers which are sparsely dotted across the HNR.

Nancy Drew to the rescue!! I got out and examined one marker. It's exterior was rough and cracked. The lettered engravings were uneven and some not legible.

Then...I closely (well-----it really wasn't necessary to scrutinize all that much) several of the Pennsylvania markers----FIBERGLASS TO THE RESCUE!! All configurations and letterings synchronized to a "T"!!

This is another lesson that parents will be able to give their children----original vs fake in a historical setting. Didn't someone once say that it isn't nice to try and fool Mother Nature? So...the hypothesis is that someone is trying to fool Father History!!

April 7, 2008 - Brownsville PA Mon.
The Hampton Inn in Uniontown PA was an excellent place from where to have an interview conducted by Amy Zalar of the Herald Standard. I could provide her with all of pertinent info and still enjoy the amenities of a king sized be!!

Norma Ryan e-mailed me a copy of the article on Mon. night, and I was very pleased with the article.

Dave Zuchowski of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also wrote an excellent article. It's been refreshing to have two interviews where people really assimilated the info garnered from both my personal interview as well as the material on my website.

THANKS to both of you!!

All of Monday (up until 4:30) was spent in Brownsville meandering for one final time. I had a giant hot dog at Fiddles Restaurant which has been a Brownsville mainstay since the very early 1900's. The hot dog was grilled to perfection as was the bun. All of the trimmings were included excepting chili which had disappeared shortly before I arrived.

The Reverend Donald Bowers of Christ Church Episcopal Church in Brownsville gave me a tour of the church.

Two of the windows are Tiffany original. This historic church has been a part of the Brownsville borough since the mid-1700's.

Norma Ryan and I said good-by ----for now.

The Coal Baron Restaurant has an expansive menu. Josephene told me a good bit about the place and made a generous donation of a gift certificate.
I hope that I make Wheeling by 7:30!!

Boonesboro MDApril 6, 2008 (Sun.)
Stoney Creek Farm Bed And Breakfast is located way out in the country near Boonesboro. I've become quite adept at negotiating to find a B & B which is not located on Main Street!!

Desine Lawhead, innkeeper, provided Denise-Quest to the B & B. Again, when I compared her directions to those of Mapquest, I'm glad that I opted for the former!! Mapquest doesn't think when it spits out directions. It's not unusual to be sent down a primitive road clear out of the way, because the computer doesn't have any better sense!!

It's easy to see why this B & B has become a Select Registry Member within three years of the Inn's inception.

Every detail has been meticulously addressed. The rooms are decorated for either gender, there are all sorts of snacks and drinks in the frig, and the bathroom is simply wonderful.

Denise surprised her guests by providing two kinds of wine (red and white), three kinds of grapes (they were cut into small clusters to facilitate eating a bunch of each and still be discreet), sliced apples, blueberry cheese, cheddar cheese, and bleu cheese. Crisp crackers were also available for nibbling.

One should arrive as early as possible since the views are spectacular from all rooms. However, the great room encourages everyone to linger. There are wide expanses of glass windows with only enough wood to facilitate proper construction.

Denise prepared individual plates of fruit which were cut in concise and attractive. (I think there were at least 8 varieties of fruit.) Denise DID NOT plop a dollop of yogurt (usually mixed with brown sugar and some annoying spice) atop--or near--the fruit!!

Again, Stoney Brook Farm helped feel guests feel right at home by having a welcoming letter upon check-in.

Again, I was MOST reluctant to leave a special B & B!!

Uniontown/Brownsville PA April 6, 2008 Sun.
Sunday AM in Uniontown PA started with awakening to a VERY comfortable bed compliments of the Holiday Inn. This was my first placed that I've stayed in Uniontown/Fayette County which made me feel truly welcome since my WONDERFUL stay at Whimsey's Knoll Bed And Breakfast in Hopwood PA Thursday night. All of the staff went out of their way to make me feel welcome!!

I noticed that there was a craft fair going on at the Holiday Inn on Sunday. So...I asked the desk clerk if she'd be willing to make some additional copies of the Historic National Road Yard Sale Flyers to distribute to the vendors. All seemed quite receptive.

At the craft show, it was great that one of the vendors saw the HNR Flyer at Georgio's. of the other vendors told me that she'd read the article about HNR and my Promotional Tour in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette. This was also quite acoup!! I'm truly impressed with the way in which the press in Pennsylvania has been so supportive of the HNR.

I then left for Brownsville where I had an excellent meal donated by Bill Gaster who is the owner of Georgio's. The French fried zucchini sticks were cut lengthwise and lightly dusted with fresh Parmesan cheese. The marinara sauce was an added accent!! I also had a Polish sausage sandwich with all of the trimmings. Bill also donated a gift certificate which will be used in a gift basket for the "Tour US 40" theme.

I then met Norma Ryan in Brownsville who spent approximately three hours driving me around the town. As I'm mentioned before, she's a veritable wealth of knowledge. Her enthusiasm is also quite contagious!!

Norma showed me all of the old cemeteries and told me numerous stories about Brownsville.

Karen Griskin is another friend I've made while visiting Brownsville. She and I went exploring in the old Episcopalian Church cemetery.

Karen and I also talked about how there are great disparities between the Hoggs and Tom Brown. But...both are equally important to Brownsville. (In another sense, this would be analogous to the way some people perceive the Historic National Road as pure story and others perceive it as a mechanism for developing a sense of appreciation for the road by selling clothers, kids toys, pots and pans amid other items.)

Karen then prepared me a delicious meatloaf homemade pirogues made by the ladies of one of the churches in Brownsville. Karen showed me how they are first boiled and then sautéed in PURE butter and onions. They were excellent!!

Later in the evening, I then checked into the Hampton Inn in Uniontown. Again, this room had been generously donated!! Again, it was the second best night's sleep since I had slept at Whimsey's Knoll Bed And Breakfast in Hopwood, PA.

April 5, 2008 Brownsville PA Sat.
As I've mentioned before, Brownsville, Pennsylvania is my favorite town on US 40. It's been fun having three days to putter around explore.

Norma J. Ryan, Managing Director, of the Brownsville Arts Revitalization Corporation, invited me to an arts reception at the Frank L. Melega Art Museum.

The exhibit was outstanding!! And... it was a surprise to be able to talk to Frank L. Melega's son. Frank was both a commercial artist as well as a talented artist. There's also a US 40 tie-in since Frank was originally from Diamond, Indiana which is in close proximity to Brazil, Indiana on the Historic National Road.

I had a scant few minutes to visit with Jack Purcell aka "Purcell The Pack Rat". Jack donated a 1932 Marsh-Wheeling Stogies’ Cigar Box for the kick-off in Dublin, Indiana.

Shirley, the librarian whom I'd met the day before, accompanied me to the Sun Porch Restaurant which is a home-style dinner buffet in Hopwood, Pennsylvania. There were many delectable items on the menu. However, the stuffed cabbage rolls made by a lady in her 80's was the specialty for me!! The tender asparagus spears were also wonderful eaten raw with an assortment of dips.

Shirley and I took a drive through Uniontown's old cemetery. We then drove around the grounds of Mount Marcina convent. This is a convent for Byzantine nuns which are of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic faith.

Shirley then showed me more of Brownsville. She showed me where the old Brownsville Brewery was and then surprised me with three labels from the same. Shirley wants me to earmark two for the kickoff.

After taking Shirley home, I spent a wonderful and restful night at the Uniontown Holiday Inn which was their part of assisting with the Historic National Road Yard Sale Promotional Tour.

Not only did I have the chance to visit with many of Brownsville's residents, it was possible for me to talk to numerous other individuals about the Historic National Road and the Historic National Road Yard Sale. It's wonderful to have a road which is so long and so diverse. It's also GREAT when individuals have different interpretations of how (and where) the Historic National Road should be promoted.

While some ardent historians prefer to maintain the road as a strict and pure historic road, others perceive different ways in which make individuals aware of America's First Interstate.

What better way to do this than to have yards across the entire swath of Pennsylvania? Since the wagon train is held only two weeks before, it's possible for individuals to keep their garage sale items at arm's length and display their wares again in two weeks. NOTE: THE DATES FOR THIS YEAR'S HISTORIC NATIONAL ROAD YARD SALE ARE
MAY 28-JUNE 1, 2008
. (Please e-mail or call 765-478-4809 for additional information.)

The economy is TIGHT. What better way for BOTH businesses along US 40 and individuals to make money TWICE in two week-ends within one month!!

From the numerous individuals I've talked to on my promotional tour, they don't think that it's a sacrilege to have great swaths of yard sales along the Historic National Road. If there are individuals who disapprove, then it's their responsibility to accept and respect the belief of others.

Uniontown and its immediate environs, has been most generous in offering both verbal encouragement and donations for the kickoff. THANKS SO MUCH!!

April 4,2008 Brownsville, Pennsylvania Fri.
Brownsville , Pennsylvania is my favorite town on US 40. I've purposely planned on spending the weekend here exploring and visiting with friends I've known from previous visits.

Shirley, the librarian at the Brownsville Public Library, has gone over the top to assist.

Not only is she extremely helpful, the computer system is extremely easy to work with!! I'm using just a BIT more self discipline at the library working on my Trip Journal before I begin exploring.

For...Shirley will be here again tomorrow!!

Ohiopyle PA April 2, 2008 Wed.
Ohiopyle , Pennsylvania is located dead center of a State Park. It's for this reason that the community hasn't experienced the "Tourist Sprawl" or "Tourist Commercialism".

Most of the buildings are original and carefully maintained and adhere to zoning aesthetics.

I was quite pleased to arrive early in the Wednesday PM thinking that I'd integrate moseying through shops and admiring the swiftly flowing Youghiogheny River over rough rocks contributing to waterfalls while industriously working in the city library.

When I asked directions to the building, the local laughed "I don't know who told you that we had a library, but there isn't a semblance of one anywhere!!

The weather was quite warm so I napped a bit and watched the water. Then, I asked someone what else there was to do. Pam, who owns the Firefly Grill & Highwaters Grill, invited me to use her laptop at the Firefly Grill. First, I had a large moosetracks ice cream cone.

Pam's menu is upscale, and I wished I were hungry. The Thai wrap with peanut sauce was fresh and well-filled. All of the items on her menu are made to order, and it's definitely worth the wait.

Jeff, who helps Pam at the restaurant, offered to take me on a tour of some of the back roads after 5:00. An elderly couple who had been earlier been in the Firefly told me that their community some l2 miles away was ever so much better in EVERY way. After Jeff and I had traversed several mountain roads, we went to the elderly couple's said "perfect" community. There wasn't anything unique about the town, the accommodations, restaurants, and recreational facilities simply couldn't compare to Ohiopyle.

We also drove through an old cemetery near Ohiopyle. Jeff pointed out many of the old family names. We couldn't help but wonder if CW and Tillie Tissue named their children Charmin or Delsey??

We then went to a local restaurant and had crispy hotdogs and sweet barbecue chicken wings accompanied by homemade blue cheese dressing and celery straws.

Leo and Sarah Smith "The Falls" Market & Inn has been an Ohiopyle landmark for eons. I have a general store in my antique shop, and I was looking forward to spending the night above a real working store!!

Sarah has decorated the room in a simple and attractive manner. The ease with which I could walk into the shower (as well as simplicity of shower operation)....well...need I say more.

I opened the window and was lulled to sleep by the swift current of the river. Almost (but not quite) as good as the ocean!!

The steak salad contained OPTIONAL French fries. There was ample meat and hand-cut lettuce, tomatoes and other trimmings. The Belgian waffle with strawberries and bacon was more than I could consume. Since I don't care for whipped cream, a small (?) spoonful of ice cream was subbed.

Sarah and Leo still have quite a few of the original store fixtures. Nada, as far as selling anything.

James K. Greenbaum who owns White Water Adventures donated a pair of raft tickets and also kibitzed about how there would be a major transformation as soon as May arrived. There wouldn't be places to park, all accommodations are booked way far in advance, and inhalers are rented (ha!!) if there is no breathing space due to overcrowding.

Grantsville, Maryland April 1, 2008 (Monday)
As I mentioned earlier, I had a wonderful night at the Woodland Rill Bed And Breakfast in Grantsville, Maryland. Nothing could be improved upon!!

I also redeemed some gift certificates at the Hill Top Fruit Market. My minister's son and daughter were thrilled with the 5 1/2 pounds of candy which they received. Instead of dividing all of the candy up, each simply grabbed a bag. It was like Halloween in April, but there was no need to go door to door. The candy was delivered to them.

I wonder if I'll receive a forwarded dentist's bill??

The Grantsville Feed & Supply, LLC donated a bird feeder for the kick-off.

There hasn't been any threat of the "S" word for sometime. (Shhh..."snow".

It won't be long before I'll be in Pennsylvania!!

April 1, 2008 Carmel Cove Inn Bed & Breakfast
Mary Bender is an effervescent hostess of the Carmel Cove Inn. This lovely bed and breakfast is located in Swanton MD. The building was a former monetary. There is an immediate peace and tranquility.

All of the bedrooms are spacious, and the dining room and great room maintain a quiet ambiance.

Mary's breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (with just a fine dusting of sugar) was wonderful. Mary also prepared an individual fruit plate with a varied assortment of fresh fruit cut in pieces just right for a fruit fork!!

Accident, Maryland was a "must visit" (albeit a bit off the beaten path.) King George gave a person 600 acres in Maryland to repay a debt owed. Two different surveyors surveyed and selected the same parcel of land. Hence, the name "Accident".

Duane Patton, owner of the Old Pike 2 Restaurant/Bar & Lounge grilled me an excellent hamburger. The meat is freshly ground and is NO comparison to McDonald's.

The receptionist at Accident Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge graciously made many more copies of the HNR gratis.

Lisa Bonar, owner of Annie's Kitchen generously donated a crockery pencil jar with "Accident, Maryland" swirled in blue.

I also took a few minutes to try and find a former English Professor who relocated to Swanton MD. A guy from an electric company used the reverse direction process (I had a phone number but no address), and quickly located his house. He even had me follow him to the professor's house. No one was home. I turned my van around and began to leave.

Someone was stopping to get mail. I thought I'd ask if he knew the professor I was looking for. Although more than 35 years have elapsed, I was able to immediately, my professor.

We chatted for a bit. I could discern that he wasn't eager to talk about the past, and he also indicated that he and his wife would be busy for the next two days.

I guess Thomas Wolfe is correct when he said that "You can't go home again".

March 31, 2008 Cumberland, Maryland (Mon.)
Sunday night I had dinner at the Crabby Pig. Terry and Susan Crawford know how to prepare an excellent steak!! The sides (esp. the sweet slaw) were outstanding, too.

Terra Angelica, my abode for Sunday night would be another challenge. Go up a big hill, past a big tree, down a road, etc., etc. Then...a kind gentleman (with a cache of brown trout) offered to let me follow him to the B & B Simple. (I also wished that I'd asked him if I could buy the fresh trout.)

Mary C. Miltenberger is kind and gracious hostess. She gave me a list of potential breakfast items. I had homemade granola, apple juice, fresh fruit, whole wheat toast, turkey bacon, and organic eggs.

Mary also had some free time Monday. We visited with Sandra Robinson who owns Virgo Rising. She and Mary have been friends for many years, and I acquired a wealth of Cumberland info.

Mary also helped me remember where the pawn/variety shop was located. It's been in the Kline family since the 1860's. Stan had forewarned me that the "variety" part of his store is geared to adults. I still wanted to see the shop.

While I talked to Stan, Mary read the newspaper in her car. Stan then went out to talk to Mary while I looked around. I was determined to find a donation for the kickoff. Stan had told me early on that if I found something "appropriate", he'd be more than willing to oblige.

After much searching amid all sorts of stuff, I found a game entitled "Welcome To Maryland". The game even contained some $500 worth of coupons. So...someone will have a "heads up" before they arrive in Maryland.

Mary and I had lunch at Geatz's Restaurant. This establishment has been the fun place for good food and good friends since 1880.

The coconut shrimp were fresh. The batter contained more coconut than anything else. John and Mary have known each other for years. Again, I was able to absorb info like sponge.

Mary and I then toured several cemeteries. She showed me something new----a ledger crypt. Individuals pay to have their family history put on a flat stone(tablet) at their family plot.

Mary also showed me where each of the various religious denominations were buried. Each church takes care of its own cemetery.

Mary was also able to point out the affluence of a family by the size and ornateness of a tombstone. Some of these families are still residents of Cumberland. Others have long since left. A touch or irony....some of the most "ornate" tombstones have been decimated more than their "less affluent" neighbors due to tombstone selection.

Frederick, Maryland March 27 to 29, 2008 (Thur.-Sat.)
Betty and Phillip LeBlanc provided Victorian accommodations in Hollerstown Hill. Betty told me that when this area was founded it was quite common for people to call back and forth to each other up and down the hill.

It's special when people like Betty and Phillip factor it into their schedule to visit with the guests. The exchange of conversation between locals and visitors proves to be an interesting and diverse mix. Several of us visited the same place, and we all had completely different reactions depending on interest and perspective. (RE: There were devout Civil War buffs at our table, and they spent the day at ONE battlefield. My contribution to this conversation was that I drove PAST that particular battlefield!!)

Adele Air who is very involved with the Maryland National Road Association took me out for dinner on Thursday. We've met before so the frame of reference was quite easy to pick up. Adele also told me how she fondly remembered Mr. Eli, my airedale/wolfhound and traveling companion on the HNR Promotional Tour 2006, swallowed a whole scoop of ice cream at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. We both laughed in retrospect when he simply shivered and shivered!!

I had a bit of an upset when Janet, the meter lady in Ellicott City, said that she was so sorry to have learned of Mr. Eli's passing. Janet said that he WAS a VERY special boy with enough panache to know just what he could do where. (NOTE: For more on Mr. Eli and is tailendas, please refer to the Trip Journal 2006 which is archived but still available.) His photo is also readily available as is his sister's----Baby Lily.

Frederick , Maryland is a historic city. It's streets and buildings have also been carefully preserved. Many of the buildings date to the mid 1700's. Hollerrstown Hill B & B was within walking distance of many of these buildings as well as the Historic District. The Frederick Visitors' Center was also quite helpful in providing updates as well as donating a night's lodging.

I decided to get a bus ticket and ride around as much of Frederick as the ticket and transfers would allow. The driver was a local, and he filled me in on all sorts of bits and pieces of tidbits of Frederick lore.

I had lunch at Bogeda which is Spanish for: grocery". There were all sorts of interesting items on the menu (with a definite Spanish flair) as well as a well-stocked salad bar which was especially popular with office workers.

I also had an excellent dinner at La Paz which was the first Mexican restaurant. It's been around since 1978 and the flavors and menu is as contemporary as 2008. The salsa was freshly-made and there were no signs of canned tomatoes. My quesadilla of choice contained fresh spinach, chicken, ack cheese, and tomatoes.

I did cheat once while in Frederick. There weren't any "local" restaurants anywhere in the immediate vicinity. I was ravenous. So...I stopped at Famous Dave's and "cheated" by having a barbeque sandwich and sides. The sweet/tangy coleslaw was exceptional (would have put it on my sandwich, but there wasn't room!!

Another reason that Frederick is one of my favorite towns is that it's DO FRIENDLY! Signs are prominently placed I n every store and the are MANY) that invite the dogs and their humans inside. Many such stores have canisters with treats on the counter.

And...many of the restaurants provide bowls of water, snacks, and shade while the humans eat al fresco!!

Thurmont MD March 27, 2008 (Thur.)
I really hated leaving Old Mink Farm Recreation Resort. Everyone was so kind and helpful!! I gave final pats to Louis, a boxador, and Abbey, a chocolate labrador.

I had lunch at Bollinger's in Thurmont. Josh, one of the co-owners, suggested that I opt for a hand-ground burger with melted provolone cheese. The homemade pepper slaw was just tart enough. You could tell that the slaw as hand cut and not from a packaged mix.

The Mountain Gate Family Restaurant in Thurmont, Maryland has both an open menu as well as a well-stocked buffet. Bamquets and catering are also other venues.

The gospel sings are also quite popular.

March 25, to 27 Tues.-Thur. Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort
I arrived late Tuesday afternoon at Old Mink Farm Recreation Resort. This was the first time that I'd really felt decent since contracting food poisoning. Mike and Debbie Irons were both there to greet me.

Debbie asked if there was anything I needed. She went and got four eggs from her own stash for me. Mike had me follow him up the hill to the Phoenix, my cabin, for the next couple of days.

The Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort has been owned and operated by two generations. Mike's Dad had a vision of building a resort which would satiate the public and also be compatible with nature.

My cabin had all of the amenities of home sans a TV and phone. I realized early on that my Girl Scout skills had subsided----the fire died both nights.

The kitchen had all sorts of gadgets with which to use when cooking. I fixed steak, mushrooms, fresh asparagus, and a baked potato last night. Delicious!!

Mike and Debbie took time to talk to me about how the tempo has changed as far as visitors to the Ole Mink Farm is concerned. In the past, people used to drive between 50-60 miles one way. Now the distance is much shorter. There is WIFI for people who feel the need....

Pets are more than welcome for the rate of $25 per pet per visit. People are more than welcome to bring their own televisions, but it's hard to get much reception.

Senator Kingman Brewster from Maine established a mink farm here in the 1930's. This business was more of a hobby and lasted for five to six years. The mink were raised for their pelts. There was little industry, and many of the local individuals worked at the mink farm.

Mike's father elected to keep the same name when he started his resort. It would be a much easier way to identify the location.

Mike and Debbie do not profess to have all of the bells and whistles. However, there is a waiting list for a campsite. There are no permanent campsites, overnight camping, or businesses. Campers don't consider the Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort their permanent business. There is a dog park and a place where pets may be bathed after running around in the water or woods.

Flashlight candy hunts are quite popular. Forty pounds of candy are hidden, and children are welcome to hunt for it after it becomes dark. All camp cookouts are also a popular feature.

Mike loves his trees and builds around them. It's evident that both Mike and Debbie are gentle stewards of the land. They are also gentle stewards of people. $$ in the tourism is secondary. Humanity is first .

New Market MD to Thurmont MD March-24 - 25, 2008
I spent Monday night at the Strawberry Inn Bed And Breakfast. Tuesday AM, I stopped by at Ory's which is unique flower shop. Ory was quite kind to me two years ago when he let me use his phone for unlimited long distance calls when I noticed that Mr. Eli, the dog who was accompanying me, had a lump on his jaw. The local veterinarian was also MORE than helpful.

I then had lunch at the Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont MD. The buffet selections were quite varied. The baked chicken and angel food cake assuaged my queasy stomach.

March 24, 2008 - Ellicott City, Maryland
"Google" simply isn't trumped up to what it's supposed to be as far as providing directions is concerned. Or else....the person providing the info didn't proofread the printout. (According to the printout, it was 19, some miles to the Ellicott City Library.)

Had I not been an astute observer, I would have driven right past the library. In actuality, the distance from where I left to the library was less than three miles.

It's neat that the computers aren't monitored. If there are enough computers for people to use, there isn't a set time that one may work. One of the reference people told me that it was fine to eat in the library. Families have brought complete meals.

I've tried to be a positive representative for the Historic National Road Yard Sale. However, I had my first taste of true chauvinism when the innkeeper at a bed and breakfast patronizingly called me "sweetie". The couple's maid then called me "hon". I guess that these are the only two words they've remembered from Webster!!

I also asked the innkeeper how to get from Ellicott City to Frederick. His response was to simply hop on I-70 and gun down the highway. When I asked him about alternate routes, he said that there simply wasn't time. When I asked if people were truly "busy" or did they make their own business, there was SILENCE.

After I work on a bit more of this Trip Journal, I plan to spend time in Ellicott City. The streets are circuit and the shops divergent.

Easter night was spent at the Wayside Inn Bed And Breakfast.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
One half of my journey is now complete. I've stayed in all sorts of bed and breakfasts. It's been possible to now discern when the bed and breakfast innkeepers have a true sense of humanity rather than simply looking out for Number 1 and the $$.

I was ill when I arrived in Sykesville, Maryland. I needed implicit directions on how to get to a specific location. A policeman was assisting children as they were leaving school. He told me to wait until he was finished and he'd assist me.

I waited. Soon I was following him to the location I desired. His kind demeanor and true concern for me will always be appreciated. I was too ill to get the policeman's name. However, I want to include him as an integral part of my trip.

It was necessary for me to call an ambulance at 3:00 AM. Dave and Nikki, the paramedics were most efficient in helping get transferred to the ambulance. Nikki's efficient driving and Dave's modulated voice made the twenty-five minute drive to Westminster bearable. Dave kept giving me periodic mile "countdowns" as we drove along.

Everyone in the Carroll County Emergency Room were truly professional. It was not necessary for me to wait an extended period of time between tests. Paul, the physician's assistant, clearly explained what (and why) certain procedures were being employed.

My next installment will clearly delineate the TRUE humanity of what two innkeepers did for a person who was ill and in a strange town.

Sam and Doris Ann Pierce are the owners of the Atlee House Bed and Breakfast. While their B & B had every amenity that one could desire, the owners showed true humanity and caring.

Sam, the mayor of New Windsor, picked me up at the Carroll County Hospital. I had three prescriptions to fill. Sam told me not to worry. He'd take me home first, and then had FAX the scripts to the local pharmacy. That way, I wouldn't have to stand in line.

Sam also asked if I needed anything while I recuperated at his B & B. I asked him to pick up some pretzels and ginger ale. He said that it wasn't necessary to buy lime Jello. Doris already had some at home. She's promptly make it for me.

Doris helped me get situated. She also brought me some warm hospital socks. Shortly, a glass of ginger ale appeared. Doris said that she'd check on me periodically. Did I think of anything I'd want to eat?

All that I wanted was rest. The queen-sized bed was right next to several large pines. It was soothing to drift in and out of sleep to hear their whooshing.

Doris brought me the medications Sam had picked up. She explained how (and when) each must be taken. Fresh ice would appear on a regular basis.

Doris also asked me if I wanted to have Sam and his grandson pick up my van twenty-five miles away. Need I say more?

Doris brought me some homemade chicken rice soup for supper as well as a refill of Ritz crackers. The first of several cups of LIME jello appeared.

Friday AM I awoke and decided to begin thinking about my trek to Hagerstown. Doris fixed me an egg and toast for breakfast. (I could have had anything I wanted, but this is all I thought I could muster.)

Doris then proceeded to fill a cooler with ice, a chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread, more Ritz crackers, and Lime Jello. I'll now have enough for supper!!

Sam took time to locate my friend's phone number. He then offered me the use of his phone.

I handed Doris a check for the $20 that Sam had put in my car. She tore it up.

At 1:30 PM I was off to Hagerstown with implicit directions written out by Sam. I'll surely miss my new friends in New Windsor!! They truly showed kindness personified!! There is also the Inn At Norwood in Sykesville, Maryland.

March 16, 2008 - Frostburg, Maryland

The Trail Inn, Campground, and Cafe in Frostburg, Maryland are excellent!! A lot of the skill in planning and decorating each room may be attributed to John and Beth Sayler who are the innkeepers. Cudos especially to John who is a transplanted Hoosier!!

The Trail Inn was originally called The Tunnel Hotel which was built in the mid-1800's for the railroaders working on the rail line that was built to carry coal from the George's Creek mining Towns to Baltimore, Maryland. Later, the hotel earned a bawdy local reputation serving as overnight lodging for the train crews at the turn of the century.

Terry and Kim Linn were managing the Inn when I arrived. Both helped me carry my luggage to the second story where the old Tunnel Hotel used to be.

Linn's Pizza, Bar & Grill has a menu which runs the gamut from pizza, to wedgies (hot sandwich made on a pizza shell with your choice of topping), home style dinners, and home baked cakes and cookies. Specialty trays are prepared to order.

It's also been great fun using Terry's laptop, catching TV Land, listening to the locals compare notes, and watch the snow flurries. Although Palm Sunday is early this year, I wonder if its possible to see the palm fronds??

March 15, 2008 - Bittinger, Maryland

I caught the flu and awoke early Saturday not feeling at all well. "Dr. Carol", at Water's Run Bed And Breakfast told me to take care of myself and rest as long as necessary. She also suggested that a hot shower would make me feel better.

What really bothered me the most was not being able to EAT any of her breakfast.

March 14, 2008 - Chalk Hill, PA to Bittinger, MD

I meandered aimlessly from Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania to Bittinger, Maryland.

The area is remote and scenic. The Laurel mountains are what gives the region of the Laurel Highlands its name.

I stopped and visited with James McCrobie who is a taxidermist with an artful sense of humor. (Wait until you see what he donated for the kickoff...)

Gary Buckels is the current owner of Buckels Store. He's the third generation owner since it was built in 1913. Unlike the "new" general stores with "neat" rows of "authentic" merchandise, Gary's is the real thing. I was able to purchase several items to augment what I already have in my antique store.

I'm glad that I brought food. There wasn't a restaurant or deli anywhere.

Carol Gaster warmly greeted me when I reached Water's Run Bed And Breakfast. Again, the aging baby boomer thought "yeah" when she showed me the ground floor suite.

The farm has been in the family for years. At twilight, it was possible to easily spot nine deer. Carol said that Romeo is nonpulsed about these creatures. However, his voice goes to a deep octave when a black bear is in the vicinity.

I still quietly smile when I remember first calling and asking Don if he'd donate a room in exchange for a listing on my website as well as an inclusion in my Trip Journal. "He said that either I was representing the real thing, or else is was a definite first for someone seeking a free room. Sooner or later he'd find out which was the right request."

March 14, 2008 - Grantsville, Maryland

Grantsville is the first town of any size on US 40 in Maryland. The Casselman Bridge and State Park are definitely worth a look.

Dr. Alta Schrock was the founder of Penn Alps and Artesian Village in 1958 to help the rural community economically and spiritually. She helped create a market for cottage industries and a cultural center to showcase the area's arts, crafts, music, and history.

Penn Alps features a wide array of Appalachian/German Amish and Menonite foods. The German vegetable soup is one of their signature dishes. Pints of the white salad dressing (RE: think celery seeds)may be purchased for home consumption.

M & S Stone Quarries, INC donated a stone slab ideal for a shelf. Lisa Broadwater of The Republican made copies of the HNR sign and is going to write an article about the Historic National Road Yard Sale. She also told me that Grantsville changes]d its yard sale day to the same as the HNR. Congrats Grantsville!!

March 12, 2008 - Washington, PA to Avilla, PA
Joe Aloia owns Pancake Towing Service on the Eastern side of Washington. When I asked him how the town got its name, Joe said that it was named for George Pancake who owned a large farm. Prior to that, the area was known as "laboratory".

George told me that "If your car is flattened like a pancake, we'll tow it."

Mike Bell walked into the garage. He's a paranormal investigator and also a born-again Christian. Mike said that ghosts impersonate people and basically they are demons.

I had supper at Sputzy's Pub And Grub . This is a very popular local eatery. Boys night outs, family get together's, and church activities are only a random sampling of what takes place. Soon cosmic bowling parties will be added for the kids.

I decided to order a steak salad to go. Little did I realize that it's a Pennsylvania Tradition to slather the salad with French fries!!

While I was waiting for my order, I had a cup of vegetable soup. It's made once a week. A sign outside the bar proclaims "Get it while it's fresh."

True or false? Do you think that Steve Spatro, the owner, bears any semblance to the man in Grant Woode's "An American Gothic"?

I spent the night at Weatherbury Farm Bed And Breakfast in Avilla.

There is a large larch tree in the front yard that is at least 60 years old. While the larch is a member of the pine family, it is unusual that the larch is not an evergreen. This deciduous tree is not indigenous to the area.

I also got to hold a two month lamb and run my fingers through its nubby coat.

Westerwald Pottery is located one mile West of Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania. It's possible to visit a country pottery where tradition is very much alive.

Potters work daily where customized items may be made. There is also a gift shop with a llama herd on site.

J Mon AM Ellicott City MDF - Ellicott City MD Mon (early PM)
I had a wonderful bowl of homemade beef noodle soup at the Ellicott Mills Brewing ompany. There wasn't a speck of Campbell's anywhere!!

Marylanders love their Ginger ale. Canada Dry, Schweppe’s, Seagram's, Vernor's. as well as their diet counterparts. (No NP below)

Josh, the bartender, told me that one time when he worked elsewhere someone wanted ginger ale. There wasn’t any available. Did you know that Sprite with a shot of Pepsi makes an excellent improvisation??

3-17-08 Sharpsburg PA
Back to the Antietam Overlook Bed And Breakfast. Once I found it, it was necessary to use a code to get past the gate and up the hill. Phillip Graham-Bell, one of the innkeepers, showed me to my room.

When I started reading the "Antietam Overlook Arrival Chatter", it was easy to see that this was an organized and kind B & B. Everything that anyone would need (or want) to know was implicitly delineated.

The room overlooked the Antietam Battlefield and also had a panoramic view. Phillip’s a chef, and a three course breakfast was served. Fruit cup with yogurt, link sausage, an egg frittata (sp?), and a banana split for breakfast!!

The Antietam Overlook Bed And Breakfast is also a member of a Select Registry of inns across the country. The qualifications to become a member are quite stringent.

Phillip gave me a few suggestions as to where to go for supper. I ate at a neat gas station at the top of the hill in Sharpsburg. All of the food was home-cooked---especially the macaroni and cheese!!

Getting back to the B & B was another matter. I found all sorts of crooked roads before I found Porterfield Road. In fact, an hour's worth!!

It wasn't to encouraging to see Bambi and family cross the road a couple of times. It was a relief to not have to worry about punching buttons and following "half-baked" directions for the remainder of the evening!!

Had I had a bit more time, I might have eaten at either Captain Bender's or the Antietam Cafe And Wine Bar(fine dining) both run by the innkeepers of the Antietam Overlook Bed And Breakfast.

Trip Journal 3-17-08 Sharpsburg, PA (Mon.)
Today was spent between MD and PA. I thought that it would be easy to find the Antietam Overlook Bed And Breakfast. A simple street name of 481 2 Porterfield Road?? Wrong!!

It took a good bit f maneuvering as well as asking people where the B & B was.

I also learned that people in Sharpsburg don't have much sense of direction. I asked one gentleman if he was from Sharpsburg. When he nodded "yes", I asked which way on the State road I should go. He shook his head and simply said to go to the top of the hill and turn at the big tree. When I again asked for specifics, he muttered "Welcome to Pennsylvania"!!

Trip Journal Hagerstown MD 3-13-08 Thursday
Gary W. Bowles has a nifty shop in Funkstown, Maryland called The Cracked Cork/Home Brewer's Supplies. His sense of humor is excellent.

There were several large plastic containers containing jelly beans, candy, pretzels. A box of zip lock bags is nearby. Gary said that he keeps these supplies on hand so when parents come in to shop, the kids will also feel welcome.

Gary said that the same equipment is used to make beer, wine, root beer, and caffeine free sodas.

Gary also donated some neat items for the kick-off.

I also took his advice and opted to spend the night at the Clarion Hotel in Hagerstown, Maryland courtesy of the Hagerstown Tourism Bureau.

Hepburn Orchards and Barefoot Bernies also helped support the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

I should also mention that Penny Pittman, owner of Weaver's Restaurant in Hancock, Maryland also supported the cause.

Trip Journal Hagerstown, Maryland 3-11-08
I also had to get an item exchanged at the service counter at WalMart.

I was rather frustrated when two of the clerks weren't able to add additional minutes to my cell phone. The assistant manager wasn't able to either. Finally, I tried calling the toll free number on the back of the card and succeeded.

Meanwhile, I told the assistant manager that I felt like "Jay Walking" Civil War style. As I waited for assistance, I said that I bet that not too many people would know who George McClellan was. The assistant store manager added the "B" in his name, and said that this general was his great, great, great uncle. He ran against Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency and lost.

Anyway, I asked eight employees if they knew where I might find George McClellan. Blank stares were the elicited (?) responses. Then... one history buff who was also standing in line DID know who I was talking about!!

Trip Journal Wheeling W VA March 10, 2008
Many people in Wheeling generously donated gifts for the Kick-Off which will be held at the Dublin Fire Station at 8:30 AM Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

These kind and thoughtful merchants included Nola's Closet, Mike Swann of National Equipment Co., Patrick E. Cronin of Wheeling Rubber Products, Shuggy's Antiques(please call Sherry or Paul), Sharon Kaedor and Jill Allen of Puddleducks, Lebanon Bakery & Restaurant, and Lemuel's.

Lemuel's is an Irish pub owned and operated by Lemuel and Jennifer Moore. The strawberry walnut and goat cheese salad with toasted walnuts was outstanding. O'Brien's Irish Stew was also very tasty.

It was as much fun talking to all of the staff as eating. Lemuel's is located in a historic building, and the stories go on and on!!

Sherri and I had fun deciding if a business owner would make a donation or not. Sherri was new at the game, but she learned quickly!! (Both of us were right approximately 85% of the time as far as whether a business owner would pass or punt!!)

March 10 and 11 -. Monday and Tuesday - Wheeling W VA

Wheeling, West Virginia has to be one of my top five communities along US 40. The town has maintained most of its original integrity. What changes have been made aesthetically have been successfully blended into the original community.

The old homes are reminiscent of homes further East. Three and four stories tall. Some of the streets still have the bricks. They are circituious. In Boston, maneuvering them would be a veritable nightmare. Here, it's fun to work your way through the maze.

As one approaches Wheeling after driving over the bridge, it's possible to see the large Wheeling Stogies sign. Although the cigar company has long evaporated into oblivion, the building remains. There's quite a bit of controversy about what should be done with the building. If a decision isn't reached soon, time and nature will make a natural decision!!

Wheeling also has expansive swaths of forsythia planted along the highway. In the spring, this is luxuriant and colorful.When I drove through two years ago, rain had turned to ice and gently glazed the flowers. With the sunlight glistening, the view was a spectacular treat!!

Coleman's Fish Market

I've sampled and always returned to Coleman's Fish Market whenever in the Wheeling environs. The sandwiches are oversized. The coating delicate sans any trace of grease. As Joe Coleman would soon tell me, "The sandwich is good enough itself so it's not necessary to add any dressings". Right on, Joe!!

Joe had said that he'd give me a tour of his seafood market if I called him a day or two in advance. Not only did he give me the deluxe tour, he fed both me and the parking meter when the latter expired a couple of times.

Coleman's Fishmarket was started in 1914. Joe is the third generation owner. Joe and I conversed in such rapid fire fits and spurts, that I'm going to keep the Trip Journal in the same format rather than try and sort everything out.

Part of this reasoning is due to laziness on my part, and part of it is just a way to give the reader the chance to try and visualize the way Joe enjoys his business in the heart of the Wheeling Market District.

Joe also has a wholesale fist business. Fish are shipped to Baltimore and then to Wheeling. Joe supplies fish to many businesses and instructions in the Wheeling area.

10,000 sandwiches are sold per week.

And...the smell wafts everywhere in the Market District clearly advertising its product.

Joe told me the store of how the big fish literally got away. A few years ago, a man called and said that he wanted to bring a guest to visit the market. Would Joe be willing to stay open until 5:30. The shop closes at 5:00. Besides, Joe was scheduled to do some repair work that night.

Two more broken cell phone calls ensued. The group went on and circumvented Joe's.

A couple of days later, Joe's daughter heard on the Oprah show that she and her troupe were on a road trip and wanted to stop and make a surprise visit.

Joe told me that many of his employees have worked for years. I talked to one lady who was removing the bloodline (deveinging) from the fish for over two score. People are treated fairly and their ideas are treated with respect.

I didn't realize what all went into making a fish sandwich. I NOW see what clearly MAKES the difference between the Ronald McDonald (bits and pieces of minced anything) to the real thing (Coleman's).

Joe then took me to the retail section of the store where all sorts of fish are sold. I samples pickled herring, creamed herring, crabmeat salad, New England clam chowder, seasoned boiled shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning(Joe would have iced them down if I'd wanted), fried shrimp, Canadian white fish with lemon pepper seasoning, onion rings, and coleslaw (homemade).

Joe also gave me a piece of sage advice:


Joe graciously called Sherri Borger who is the innkeeper for A Light In The Storm Bed & Breakfast in Wheeling. Thanks to this extra bit of kindness, Sherri was already awaiting mt arrival on her porch swing.

This is the newest B & B where I've stayed. Sherri opened her establishment less than a year ago.

It was an unusually beautiful early spring day. Sherri and I opted for her to drive my van and show me the sights before going to my room.

We decided to visit one of Wheeling's oldest cemeteries. As we approached the entrance, an elderly gentleman named Bernie minor was walking his dog. When we told him that we were interested in the cemetery, he showed us around.

The old Jewish section was one of the most interesting. It was easy to see how the first Jewish immigrants were buried VERY close together with their headstones almost OVERLAPPING. Many of the inscriptions were in Hebrew with only the numerals recognizable.

The Jewish section across the road was much more palatial. Wide expanses were between each grave. Some had the lamp (possibly brass or copper?)symbolizing the everlasting oil ensconced within the tombstone.

Bernie said that the space and elaborations indicated that the Jewish people had finally reached prosperity.

Bernie also showed us a crypt which had eroded due to natural causes. The empty crypt could be viewed.

There was also a large section of unmarked cemetery where many women of ill repute were buried.


Sherri and I decided it was time to eat. She was game when I explained that it was my cardinal rule to not pay for any food. The rule of having a listing on my website as well as a listing in my Trip Journal would still apply even if a friend accompanied me.

So...we went out in search of the proverbial meal. (Isn't that what most people do between 5:00-9:00 PM?) Sherri was game and agreed to go.

Her "gameness" shortly turned to embarrassment for her hometown of Wheeling had four restaurants deny ONLY me a meal or sandwich. The reasons ran the gamut from: (1) The manager's not here he's at the other store (no offer to call him); to (2) I think it would be OK, but call back tomorrow (do I wait until tomorrow to satiate my appetite)?; (3) A blank look registering "You're what?" And a return to looking at the wall; and (4) Perhaps, you should write a letter explaining what you want and the manager will review it when he gets back in a few days. (By that time, neither of us would need Jenny Craig!!) In fact we might even be candidates for the aforementioned excursion of a few hours before. Headstones, please!!

Greco's was more than willing to accommodate me even though it was about closing time. The waitstaff patiently explained everything. The menu was extensive, and my Italian wrap with balsamic vinaigrette was outstanding. Sherri's sandwich was also well-filled with meat and cheese.

Oh...yes...the OWNER absorbed the meal for BOTH of us!!

Addenda: I think that Greco's has several restaurants in the Wheeling area but is not a "chain" in the you know what IO mean way. Besides, we were starved, and Sherri said that this was our last hurrah.

In all fairness to Ernie Esquire's Supper Club, I could have eated there had the restaurant been opened. However, Monday night was the day the restaurant was closed.

Wheeling W VA - A Light In The Storm Bed And Breakfast

Sherri had already indicated what a wonderful person she was since she agreed to be an impromptu tour guide as well as a game person when it came to "asking" for food. I knew that her B & B would be special.

Sherri owns an expansive Victorian home in Downtown Wheeling. Each of the rooms is spacious. What I especially liked about Sherri's rooms is that the decor would appeal to any guest. RE: Not many frills!!

Sherri is able to provide any amenity you might want. If it's not in the room, she'll go and retrieve it for you. It's always fun to be a guest in a home with such a willing and eager innkeeper.

Many of the comments in the guestbooks reiterated these same thoughts. Sherri also told me of other instances where the guests have shared special stories they've experienced while at A Light In The Storm Bed And Breakfast.

Sherri's pumpkin pancakes --her signature dish----are fluffy and sumptuous. She'll gladly share the recipe with anyone----pumpkin plus a few other "special" ingredients. Her maple-glazed sausages were also a tasty side dish.

Sherri and I plan on spending more time together when I head back to Indiana.

More will follow on our day in downtown Wheeling in the Market area....

I now want to take some time and head to Sykesville, Maryland while it's still daylight.

March, 11 2008 - Washington, PA

I had an excellent Italian salad (Angelo's Special) at Angelo's Restaurant. This is another family-owned restaurant which has been in business since 1939. Generations of family pictures adorn the walls. Raymond, one of the courteous waitstaff, offered to have me follow him to my next bed and breakfast.

I also asked Raymond about the inordinate number of mansions in Washington. He said that at one time the steel barons built large homes, and they could look down on everyone else in the city. Washington was also a melting pot for many immigrants who came to work in the steel mills.

Madonna, Costas, and Amira are the innkeepers of the Rush House Bed And Breakfast in Washington, Pennsylvania. Madonna's lilt in her voice when I talked to her over the phone, indicated that I'd have a good time at her place!!

Madonna met me at the door and helped me with my luggage. She then invited me to the dining room for tea and almond biscotti. Again, Madonna is one of the youngest B & B owners I've met.

The Rush House Bed And Breakfast is one of the earliest homes in Washington. It's built over a creek. Madonna and her family have traveled extensively overseas and the decor is reflected as such.

Over tea, we discussed the difference between running a bed and breakfast for the experience and for money-making purposes. Madonna says she allows flexibility when people wish to check in. If someone is unable to arrive due to inclimate weather, Madonna considers it an act of God.

I could also discern that she had four types of grapes along with the biscotti. (I've not seen much fresh fruit as a "welcome" before or since.)

Madonna also asked what I wanted for breakfast instead of having a fix price menu. She isn't too fond of breakfast casseroles, either. She said that it's been her experience that people are more than willing to apportion out whatever is one the table rather then intermingling all of the items in a breakfast casserole. RE: If there are 5 people at the table, and 12 slices of bacon, it usually evens out.

Madonna welcomes children and wants them to be a part of the bed and breakfast experience. If an item or two gets broken, it's not worth worrying about.

I then told Madonna about the time I was going to stay at a bed and breakfast and I brought pizza in. I didn't mind comping the pizza, but I was stymied when the owner asked if I'd be satisfied with only one piece. I thought to myself, "I'll eat the toppings from two pieces if necessary".

Amira was unhappy Wednesday AM. She wasn't thrilled about going to school. Madonna asked her what was the matter. Amira wanted me to ride along. I was more than happy to oblige!!

March 8, 2008 - Cambridge Ohio

I awoke to more SNOW than last night!! Plus, there was a substantial layer of ice underneath. Wheeling was not in the cards.

Neither was Pine Lakes Lodge which is near Salesville, Ohio. Brooke Clemens, manager, had already indicated that the lodge probably wouldn't be open since it's necessary to drive up a steep hill to get to the lodge.

I was truly disappointed, because everyone I'd talked to said that this was an opulent place in a very rustic manner. The views are spectacular, and the environment is pristine. It's wonderful when an owner of a property works to gently merge the work of nature with the work of man!!

I'd been in Cambridge, Ohio two years before promoting a much smaller version of the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

Debbie Robinson, who is the Director Of Tourism for Guernsey County, had gone over and above to make my initial visit more than welcome. Debbie left a very nice gift basket at the desk for me plus some special treats for Eli.

Debbie has also been quite instrumental in disseminating the info about the HNR to all of this county. (I was sorry to hear that I wouldn't see her since she was out of town.) Perhaps, it will be possible to arrange for a meeting when I again head West.

So... I called the Ramada Inn to see if they had any reservations for tonight. They did!! I then called a cab company. The cab driver said that he wasn't making runs due to the inclimate weather.

When I explained my predicament to Jim and Patricia Irwin, owners of the Colonial Taylor Inn Bed And Breakfast, they quickly came to my assistance. Jim would drive my van while I road with Patricia. In no time I was at the Ramada Inn!! And... several restaurants were nearby.

I did break my rule about no fast food restaurants when I wanted to eat since the county was in a snow emergency. Chris, manager of Ruby Tuesday, delivered an excellent shrimp/pasta dish plus an outstanding selection from the salad bar. There was enough food for another meal!! With the remaining pizza I'd taken to Jim and Patricia's, I'd have plenty to eat on Sunday if I'm still marooned in Cambridge!!

Many of the staff were the same. Everyone asked about Eli my beloved airedale terrier mix. They were all saddened to learn that he passed away a week after I got home. When I was here two years ago, they went over and beyond to make him feel welcome.

I've been on the road for a month and have been able to make a couple of observations.

As baby boomers age, it's imperative that future B & B owners consider making several rooms available on the first floor. While the view may be spectacular from a second or third floor vantage point, it's also quite difficult to haul luggage and other incidentals up 25 + stairs. Joints and bones will thank B & B owners for making it possible to simply drop off their baggage a mere few few from the car on the ground floor.

While many B & B's do not allow pets, many more are considering that Fido is an integral part of the family. Some properties have "pet rooms", others allow animals if they're caged and never left alone, and some help by having a list of doggie day cares or veterinarians who will provide room and board.'s appreciated when the B & B owner is most solicitous even if they won't allow a pet at their B & B. Empathy often allays the fear that an animal lover has when traveling sans a beloved furry friend!

I called to tell Anne Chlovechok, the lady where the pizza and I were initially delivered, what fun it was talking to her. It turns out that she's a reporter for one of the local papers. She asked me if I had time for an interview, and I was more than happy to help promote the HNR in whatever way I could. It was also fun to laugh and talk with someone who also enjoys writing and the HNR!!

March 6, 2008. New Concord, Ohio.

Friendship House Bed And Breakfast

Dan and Diane Troendly warmly greeted me at the Friendship Hous Bed And Breakfast at 8:30 PM. Both Jim and Diane joined me for a cup of tea while I ate a sumptuous sub from Earl's Village Pizza.

It was a welcome relief to know that I didn't have to carry any luggage upstairs since they have a wonderful room on the first floor. Diane took a bit of time to show me the other three rooms.

Each room, as well as the others in their house, is lovingly furnished with period antiques appropriate to the 1830's - 1850's. Diane also pointed out that many of her guests are families looking at Muskingum College. So...each room has a double bed and a single bed.

Many times, the college also rents rooms to visiting professors.

Dan was telling me that one summer a group of Chinese professors utilized all of the rooms. Each night after dinner, the professors would gather on the shady screened porch and drink beer and play cards. This porch runs the entire length of one side of the house. Dan also said that one of his daughters was visiting at the time. She soon learned enough Chinese to call each of the professors by name.

Diane serves an excellent breakfast with fresh fruit and several assorted breads. It's hard to discipline oneself when there's a whole plate in front of you!! On weekends, Diane serves a full breakfast.

Dan pointed out that one of the reasons that he and his wife operate a bed and breakfast is because they enjoy the numerous visitors who come through their door. This is quite evident in the way they filled me in at length on the history of the college, special places to eat, and non-touristy attractions.

Dan also explained the difference between people who operate a bed and breakfast for a money-making venue versus individuals who enjoy sharing experiences and conversations with their guests.

I was truly loath to leave their wonderful abode. It's no wonder that they are proud members of the Ohio Bed And Breakfast Association.

My only regret is that the three of us could have shared a meal or snack on their wonderful screened-in porch!! It's relatively easy to add a deck to a property. However, the location and patina of their porch clearly indicated that it's been a long-time appoint to their home. five months give or take a few....

March 5, 2008 - Yellow Springs The Winds Cafe

Mary Kay Smith owns the Winds Cafe.

Each month "The Winds Reader" changes. There are many wonderful selections from which to choose. The lemon tart with pine nuts had a true amount of lemon zip. Each Monday a different bistro meal is furnished. There is also an extensive wine selection in the shop adjacent to the cafe.

I also had a spring salad which had a green goddess dressing, avocados, grape tomatoes, cheese and other special green. My appetizer plate of pate, cheese, bread, mustard, and oil was outstanding. I'm morose, because the Winds Cafe is so far away.

But...I did take a chocolate chip cookie and a lemon pine nut biscotti for future reference!!

Officer Nipper (think RCA) owns a BP Station in the town. When I wanted directions to go somewhere, he had me follow him. When I left town, he treated me to a large soft drink.

And...Wednesday night was spent at the Arthur W. Morgan Bed And Breakfast named for one of Antioch College's presidents.

March 5, 2008 - Dayton, Ohio To Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs is my favorite town in Ohio. I've visited off and on for the last twenty years, and virtually nothing has changed. Many of the members of the community are independent thinkers, and the last thing they want to see is their community yuppified with each and every building painted and awned the same way down the entire street.

Their is a strong emphasis placed on academics. Antioch College, founded by Horace Mann, has graduated many famous people. Antioch also encourages the students to think freely and develop their own study curriculum.

Ha Ha Pizza has been around forever. It didn't take long to check the menu to realize that one wasn't in any small town. Banana, Eggplant, falafel, water chestnuts, and feta cheese were some of the more esoteric ingredients which could be put on either a regular or whole wheat crust.

I've asked several old timers if they knew how HaHa Pizza got its name. No one knew.

Yellow Springs, Ohio is also known for its quirky shops. Several potters have elected to call this community home. Again, the stores remain basically from several decades ago facade-wise.

Eric Clark recently purchased an old motel built in the early 50's which one held the moniker "Anthony Wayne". Almost immediately, he had the huge juniper bushes cut down which overshadowed the property. He renamed the motel "The Springs".

All of the rooms have been completely refurbished. Families are encouraged to rent the entire Springs Motel. There is also a grill, picnic table, and playground. The lobby contains a "Book Exchange".

Eric pointed out that modern motels are still the same length, but the width has increased 100%. Many people enjoy recreating their memories of traveling with families.

The Springs Motel is also popular for weddings, showers, and graduations. The prices are very reasonable as well.

It's also fun simply talking to Eric. His observations and wry sense of humor are truly appreciated. Eric said that until the old man who built the motel died, it was possible for him to call with any operational questions. It might take the old man days or weeks to come up with the answer, but eventually the right response would be elicited.

Eric also was telling me that the Trail Tavern is also a fixture in Yellow Springs. It's common knowledge that the Trail's last four telephone digits may be translated from 7448 to SHIT.

March 4, 2008 - Inn Port Bed And Breakfast

The Inn Port Bed And Breakfast is located in the Oregon District which was Dayton's first suburb. The original "Oregon" arch is still lovingly cared for.

Jeff and Leslie Gonya own a fantastic B & B on one of the side streets. It was dark when I arrived in their neighborhood. Leslie talked me through the crooked streets to her house. She and her husband and I all met in the parking lot at the same time.

Leslie and Jeff are the exception to the rule as far as owners of B & B's are concerned. Both are in their early thirties. Leslie is up front about the fact that the breakfast is continental. Her Guest's Guidelines are straightforward and direct.

Leslie joined me for tea and conversation the following AM. I had the chance to consume a first in my 60 years----an apple strudel Pop Tart.

When it was time to leave, Leslie gave me implicit directions to Yellow Springs. More people need to be as organized as her husband Jeff!!

March 4, 2008 - New Castle, Indiana to Dayton Ohio

Donna Tauber has been one of my good friend friends for the past four years. She's also the immediate Past President of the Indiana National Road Association.

Donna invited me to come by her house at 10:30 AM for a small town breakfast. It would also be fun to share thoughts and ideas on the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

Donna is an excellent cook. She served juice, homemade blueberry pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup, ham and cheddar cheese omelet as well as hot tea. Donna sent a 1/4 of a devil's food cake along with a box of Mexican wedding cookies to satiate my appetite as I continued on my journey.

Donna and I then proceeded to work on the computer for three hours with work pertaining to the HNR.

I looked outside. The clouds were ominous. We decided that it would be best to take all of the $800 worth of items items that the State of Illinois for the kickoff out of my van. Donna agreed to keep them since I didn't want to break the continuity of my trip.

I couldn't help but think of Chicken Little when think portions of ice began falling from the sky.

Instead of playing tourist in my own hometown of Dublin, I headed directly to Richmond, Indiana.

Erin Abney, who aptly designs my website, again came to my rescue. She was able to download all of my photos, help me identify them, and offer a few words of encouragement (among which was DON'T buy another memory card) in less than 15 minutes.

I then headed to the Palladium Item where Rachel Sheeley was waiting for an interview. We've shared so many stories about the Historic National Road Yard Sale that all Rachel needs to do is smile, and I'm encouraged to answer her next question. She's also adept at eliciting extemporaneous comments which keep the interview less-scriped.

It's GREAT the way the Palladium has been so very supportive of the HNR!!

March 3, 2008 - Indianapolis

Today was absolutely desolate!! Wind. Rain. More wind.

It's a good thing that I had granola bars and fruit in my van. A satisfying lunch between appointments.

I talked with Zach Duncan who is the travel writer for the Indianapolis Star.

Then, I had appointments with several TV stations about the NR. All were encouraging and supportive.

In between appointments, I realized that I'd left my purse at Channel 6. Margie, who works at the information desk let me call to be sure it was there. She then loaned me money in case I needed to park. I was more than happy to return the loan when I got back to the Star office!!

My parking meter was jammed. So when someone else was looking for a parking space, I told them to wait a moment and they could have mine.

Although there was still a torrential downpour, I opted to head to The Tamale Place on Rockville road.

Leora Green, her daughter, and son-in-law manage the restaurant. It's locally owned and operated. All of the items for sale are made from scratch with no additives or preservatives. 1500-2000 tamales are sold weekly. It's best to come early for the greatest selection.

Both Indianapolis Dine and Reid Duffy have provided exemplary reviews. wonder!! When Leora asked me how many tamales I'd like, I was glad to opt on the cautionary side and say "one". Her 8 oz. tamale is plump and stuffed with specific ingredients for each tamale listed on the menu. I had a mild special roasted pork tamale. It was accompanied with mild salsa.

However, it was her pico de gallo and guacamole which were outstanding. Instead of a second tamale, I had seconds of both of the aforementioned. Along with a basket of fresh corn chips and velvety cheese sauce.

None of my trip (nor meals) has been scripted in advance. However, when I learned that the chocolate tamales had been sold out early in the day, I'd wished I'd made a reservation for at least one.


I arrived at the Mulberry Lane Inn in New Castle around 8:30 PM with more (Surprise!?!) rain.

March 2, 2008. Sunday night. Indianapolis, Indiana

I checked into the Nestle Inn Bed and Breakfast . at 5:30 PM. This B & B is located in one of the historic and quiet neighborhoods .

I decided to try Agio's Italian Restaurant less than a block away. Doug, the restaurant manager was more than willing to donate a meal. However, he has been the first manager to ask that I be sure and give my server a gratuity. It's great when the manager looks out for his staff.

Journal note:. I've always been clear about the fact that if a service is donated, the business will be listed on both my website as well as an inclusion in my Trip Journal. And...I'm making it a point to always leave a gratuity whether it's requested or not.

The meal included sauteed shrimp, trout, polenta, grilled asparagus, and a red wine demiglaze for the entree. My dessert was a carmel chocolate creme brule

Marvin, my friend and neighbor joined me for coffee. Afterwards, he offered to give me a tour of downtown Indy as well as show me his farm.

Marvin is a tour guide for downtown Indianapolis so I thought it would be fun to have an impromptu tour. Afterwards, we planned to have a snack at the Red Eye Cafe. This restaurant is owned by two attorneys and a pilot. Hence the name.

Anyway, we enjoyed our 11:00 repast while hearing our server talk about other neat places to eat.

We then went to get into Marvin's vintage Mercury Marquis. As we were snapping our seatbelts, we heard a thud. One of the patrons had been pushed to the floor by a policeman for disorderly conduct. A paddy wagon and four other police cars arrived. Marvin's car would not start. It really didn't matter since he was encased by three police cars. He proceeded to call AAA. There would be a two hour wait. Never mind. We had entertainment!!

The paddy wagon left. Marvin asked the police officer if he could help us. I could sense the request was futile. I got out of the car and asked the officer if he had jumper cables.

Soon our car was off and running. Halfway around the circle the Mercury again died. A homeless guy helped Marvin Push the car to the curb. AAA was again called. (No charge for the first call since it was cancelled.) We watched the crowd disperse from Club Level which is the place to be seen and cause trouble. More police cars were quite busy.

At 1:00 AM, the security officer let me go into the Hilton Garden Inn. The night manager let me e-mail my host and hostess that I'd be quite late and to forget preparing me breakfast. Cereal, tea, and juice would suffice. I also wrote a note which could be put on the B & B door.

AAA came at 2:00. Marvin's car needed a new alternator. The car was hoisted onto the tow trick. At 2:30 AM, I was dropped off to slumber for a few hours.

Next to the "Dog In The Sauna". this would be the second highlight of my trip. So much more scintillating than eating a leisurely mean, watching a couple of TV shows, perusing the news, and waiting for the sandman at 11:15!!

March 2, 2008 - Till 4:00 Indianapolis

Renata, owner/innkeeper, of Renata's Bed And Breakfast had arranged for me to spend the night in the German Room. I especially enjoyed the BED since it was made MEMORY FOAM. Renata certainly saw to it that I would schlaf gut (sleep well)!! Again, a pile of magazines went untouched.

Renata Bed And Breakfast exemplifies comfort on a small scale. Each room is decorated in a mo tiff which would appeal to any guest. Her twin beds in the Indiana room are a real plus for many travelers.

I've spent the past 3 1/2 hours at the Indianapolis Downtown Library. John, who works in the computer room, immediately put me to ease. I've been able to work as long as necessary since there are more than enough computers to go around!!

March 1, 2008 - Brazil To Indianapolis, Indiana

Tom and Julie Kenley provided a warm welcome welcome Friday night. Julie's house is a wonderful Victorian atop a hill in the little town of Harmony.

It was fun to have a FULL country breakfast in my native State!!

We were also readying ourselves for a TV crew (NBC/Channel 2) to interview both Julie and me. The program was slated for the 6:00 news that night.

Tony Smiley, office manager for Stadler and Company in Brazil made copies when the office supply store closed at noon. Tony also plans to send me a book he wrote on US 40.

Kelly Market provided the interesting tidbit of info that Dick The Bruiser once ate at her Alabama Bar And Grill.

There's also a photo of Jim Hurtubise with an excerpt of the book by bob Cates entitled "Hurtubise": "Dad and Mom came to our house, just before they went back to texas," says Karen." "We all went to a little place in Brazil called 'The Alamama Bar" because Dad loved the fish and chips they served there".

Kathryn Hoffman was trying to copy the info about the HNR from my car. It was fun to give them a few flyers and kibitz a bit.

I've been wanting to eat at Marbles Southern Cookery ever since I'd read a review in the Star. I was not disappointed. Lee Marble fixed me a plate of soul food with spoonfuls of each of approximately 10 items on the buffet. The mixed greens (spinach, kale, collard, and turnip) with the sweet-seasoned were my favorite. The sweet potato muffins were a close second.

Lee has always worked in the food business. He started out as a chef for Rodeway Inns and Hilton Hotels. Finally, 26 years ago, he was able to open his own restaurant.

And...Leee....your smile and calm attitude were almost as satiating as the food!! Did I almost forget the black raspberry cobbler and carrot cake?

When I asked for a menu, lee said it's in my head. I simply cook each day what I decide I want."

February 29 , 2008 - Effingham And Points East

Adam from Creative Designs
Karen fixed me excellent scrambled eggs with sliced portabella mushrooms. I put the bags I'd packed the night before in my van. I was ready to follow the compass East!!

This was the first day that Karen literally ran around with me. We had three hours before I left for Marshall IL.

The first order of the day was to stop at Creative Designs and have my magnetic sign for the HNR picked up. It will be fun to see how many people notice the HNR as I drive around. Neither Lisa, the manager, Adam, Karen nor I noticed that "Dawn To Dusk" had been reversed! dam quickly rectified the situation.

Top Photo: Judy Brazle & Friend
Middle Photo: Brazle Haus B & B
Lower Photo: Cheryl, Sneaky Pete's

We then went to meet us with Judy Brazle and friend. She brought a replica Crosley radio donated by Deer Park Productions.

Illinois has been MORE than generous in their donations for the kickoff. I'd guestimate that I have $800 worth of items for the kickoff.

Although Sneaky Pete's Bar And Grill is south of US 40, Cheryl (the owner) was more than willing to donate two sweatshirts with a man with a handlebar moustache and straw hat. Cheryl went on to explain that the moniker "Sneaky Pete" means a two-piece cue disguised to look like a house cue so a player may disguise their cue and their skill at pool.

Cheryl also thanks me for thinking of the folks not directly on US 40. It's comments such as these which make me want to continue to seek the often obscure....

The owner of Olde National Trail Antiques And Sally Ann's Antiques donated stamps when the post office was on hiatus for lunch. Thanks so much!!

I stopped at Stockyards to Tell Larry Shafer "hi" and pick up a riled cheese sandwich to munch along the way.

Susan Duncan, assistant editor of the Tribune Star, told me to take my time and allow an hour "flex" so I wouldn't miss anything prior to my interview with Kevin.

And...Kevin also shared the lore of US 40. It was easy to feel the pulse of his interest as the interview was conducted.

Scott Logan was ill and I didn't get to talk to him at Logan's Rib Eye. However, Lori was most effusive. The cocktail sauce which accompanied the cold shrimp had just the right amount of zing!! The rib eye was fork tender.

HOWEVER, THE PICKLED HERRING AND BLUE CHEESE--CHUNKS (not crumbles) were the piece de resistance!! I've found that you're able to judge the "upscaleness" of a restaurant by the unique items on a salad bar!!

On to Brazil for a night at the McKinley House Bed And Breakfast....

February 28 , 2008 - Effingham, Illinois

Nicole had a sparkle in her eyes all the while she interviewed me for the Effingham Daily News.

Karen and Todd reiterated this action when we talked about the HNR pat and future. Do I even know?

I hope to use the patriotic umbrella I was given rather than sloshing in sleet and snow.!!

More companies need employees like Norbert Bruce who works at Boos Butcher Block Company. He's the epitome of the quintessential quaker. Quiet. Friendly. Attentive. The butcher block cutting board exemplifies the work done at another company which has been in business for over l00 years!!

The staff at the Effingham was also most attentive and helpful.

More flyers and HNR sharing comprised the rest of the afternoon.

I had dinner at the Raintree Restaurant on the outskirts of Effingham. The hostess answered my questions and steered me toward one of the house specialties----barbeques beef sandwiches.

Country Insurance & Financial Services, GJ Nelson's Insurance Agncy, Toledo Banking Center of Casey State Bank, and the Bumblebee Bee Boutique of Toledo were supportive of the Historic National Road's Endeavor.

Thanks also to Eric J. Montgomery of Regions Bank of Casey, Illinois as well as the University Of Illinois Extension (Jasper-Cumberland) of Newton who also provided assistance.

Small towns ARE certainly an integral part of America's spirit!!

February 28 , 2008 - Effingham, Illinois

I spent Wednesday exploring the downtown section of Effingham. I passed out quite a few flyers. Joe, owner of Joe's Pizza, supplied me with a loaded pizza complete with an extra crispy crust. Next time I visit his restaurant, I plan on getting an order of his homemade lasagna.

Alen Brown, proprietor of Brown's Drug Store, gave me a generous gift certificate for the kickoff. He also provided me with the idea to prepare basket containing all sorts of gift certificates along US 40.

No matter how much I cajoled, Alan would not relinquish EVEN ONE of his boxes of Fanny May waxed candy displays!! On my last trip, I searched for Magic Fingers. Now I'm on the scout for waxed candy!!

Broom's Furniture Company, which has been in business for over l00 years, also donated a gift certificate.

Rexroats has been a mainstay for hungry patrons for over 20 years.

This upscale eatery has recently changes hands. The salad bar was wonderful. So...I opted for this and an appetizer of coconut shrimp with spicy Thai dipping sauce.

Chocolate miniature muffins and fresh fruit comprised dessert.

Other business in and around Effingham also offered to assist with the Historic National Road. Burrell Business Systems and Buening Implement, INC of Effingham provided door prizes.

February 26 , 2008 - Dietrich, Illinois

My friend Karen had a meeting in Diettrich IL on Tues. This small community is near Effingham and not far from US 40.

I spent some time exploring the downtown. Although The Wagon Wheel Restaurant isn't on US 40, I decided to hone my bartering skills. I asked Glenda, the owner, that although Dieterich isn't directly on US 40 would she still consider donating a meal? Surprise!! Surprise!! Glenda's planning on opening a new restaurant near Montrose IL on US 40 in the spring. She was more than willing to let me "chow down"!!

I also passed out flyers.

But...perhaps what was the most fun was sitting at a table along with several locals and listening them talk about antiques, auctions, and their opinion of garage sales.

After returning to Effingham, I spent time downtown passing out flyers.

Charlie cookies steaks and zucchini on the grill while Karen and I prepared side dishes.

Another quiet evening of fellowship and conversation ensued.

The First National Bank Of Dietrich donated banks while the Wohltman-Ahern Insurance donated calculators for the kick off.

Thanks,again, Dietrich, Illinois for your support!!

February 23 - 29 , 2008 - Charlie & Karen Luchtefeld, Effingham IL

Karen and I have been friends since she was four, and I was eight. Her great aunt was my landlady.

Every other Thanksgiving she would come to visit. I thought that this was elegant since I grew up in a house filed with "Old Folks"----my grandmother, aunt, and mother. (I can't verbally speak for Karen, But I think she felt that feelings were analogous since there were all sorts of people meandering her great aunt's house over 30.)

Karen's Grandfather, Uncle Kenny to me, would always give us $.50 so we could go shopping downtown. Uncle Kenny was quite the shutterbug, and we have quite a few photos of the two of us together.

Flash Forward......

Karen and Charlie were the BEST hosts one could ask for. I

Karen has lived in Effingham forever. She was able to provide apt assistance in ever so many ways. It was great when she could make a phone call in advance so I could meet with different individuals who might help promote the HNR in and around Effingham.

Karen was also instrumental in procuring several gift baskets for the Kick-Off which will be held in Dublin IN.

At night we would often cook a meal combining skills and tastes. Some of these nights meals were eliminated, however, because of my "bartering" system. Karen's oven-baked beef stew is excellent.

Even on the nights I was out having a meal, it was a quiet reassurance to know that the three of us could compare notes in the evening. This quiet reassurance encouraged my independence on my forays into Effingham the following day!!

Cudos to both of you!!

Lee's Loans Jewelry & More was open early Saturday morning. Two John Deere-related items were donated for the kickoff.

February 22, 2008 - Highland, IL

I arrived in Highland just as the rain was beginning to turn into something indeterminate. Fortunately, The Tibbetts House Bed And Breakfast was quite easy to locate. Jennifer Flynn has become the new owner of this wonderful little gourmet destination on a quiet secluded street. (More about this later!!

However, I'd heard that the House Of Plenty Restaurant located directly from the B & B offered wonderful food. I went over to check out the menu. Friday and Saturday are dedicated to fine dining. I was invited to partake of their four course dinner.

This event would become even more memorable since I was invited to join an elderly mother and her two daughters. It was indeed a coincidence that the mother's name was also "Tibbetts".

Poached pears on polenta with a blue cheese comprised the first course. A delectable salad with artichokes, dried cranberries and baby lettuce consisted of the second course. A raspberry sorbet was then served to cleanse the palate. Pecan encrusted salmon with wild rice pancakes and green beans almondaine provided more than enough food for the third course. There were so many selections for dessert. The Kentucky chocolate pie was served warm with a scoop of either cinnamon or vanilla ice cream.

London, the fourteen year-old son of the owners has manners personified. He aptly assisted me to the bed and breakfast so I wouldn't slip on the ice which had now glazed the sidewalks.

I said that I'd talk more about the Tibbetts

Guess why the Tibbetts House Bed And Breakfast has been featured on the Food Network?? Hint: The word begins with "c" and ends in "t". And...the middle letters help contribute to this being quite addictive!!

The Chocolate Affair is a candy shop specializing in chocolate on the first floor!! Every kind of chocolate imaginable may be found.

Groups of ladies who are planning a slumber party, bachelor party, or romantic getaway with their husbands truly enjoy spending the night in a CHOCOLATE SHOP!! many different packages are available to favor each individual's interest and budget. Who Knows? Perhaps, on of you friends will be elected the Coco late Queen complete with a magic wand. (Who knows, maybe with a quick wave, all calories will disappear??)

Chocolate cookies and hot chocolate were served upon arrival at the bed and breakfast. Hot chocolate and cookies were delivered to your door prior to breakfast.

Breakfast was served promptly at 9:00. Chocolate mess (chocolate cake with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream/optional), chocolate fondue with strawberries and grapes, bananas drizzled with chocolate, and more hot chocolate provided more than enough energy for the rest of the day.

There are many quaint shops in this Swiss community. I was much too early to enjoy the deep fried artichokes at Michael's Swiss Inn. I'd been there before and was looking forward to an encore. Michael and Kathy, owners of the Inn and Restaurant, offered to cook me something. However, I didn't want to inconvenience them. Besides, it was time for me to get on the road and head down US 40 to Effingham IL.

I asked Michael to surprise me with a sack lunch. A large and tightly-packed sub sandwich, potato chips, pineapple juice, Sprite, biscotti, and chocolate muffins provided sufficient (?) nourishment for the remaining 70 miles to Effingham.

UMB Bank, n.a., World Finance Corporation, and the Belleville News-Democrat of Bellville, Illinois made doantions of door prizes for the kickoff of the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

February 19, 2008 - Lebanon To Cahokia
Tuesday was spent distributing flyers in Belleville. Many proprietors were more than willing to place signs in their windows.

This is elemental, because I would like to have ALL of the communities along US 40 in the state more involved with the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

There is a National Road Festival which is held two weekends earlier. Although this festival also has some garage sales, strong emphasis is placed on historical events.

I planned to stop at the Illinois National Road Association and say "hi". No one was in the office. I left a press packet and a business card along with three dog biscuits encased in a snack bag in the director's office. (RE: I dropped the info through a mail slot.)

No one was home in the Southeastern Illinois Department Of Tourism. So...I duplicated the info in the same manner.

I checked into the Jerome Place Bed And Breakfast in Cahokia. Ruthanna Bryant, innkeeper, was a former schoolteacher. Parents and children should certainly feel welcome here since there was a closet decorated with kid-friendly pictures and the words "FOR KIDS ONLY" on the closet door. When the door is opened, there are several shelves with all sorts of items that kids would enjoy.

Roberta, manager of Oliver's Restaurant, welcomed me warmly at her airport eatery. The French fried cauliflower with marianara sauce and Parmesan cheese were the perfect way to entice the taste buds!! The Ollie burger with sauteed onions and melted swiss cheese was also great.

It wasn't so great when I failed which road I took to the airport and had a not-so-great finding my way back to my bed and breakfast!!

February 19, 2008 Freeburg, IL to Lebanon, IL

I could have spent the day shopping in the urban sprawl around Fairview Heights IL. However, I opted to visit several flea markets and distribute more flyers.

Lebanon IL is a special town replete with many interesting shops and eateries. I bartered with "Uncle Huffy" for one of his famous sandwiches at Uncle Huffy's Barbecue. The sauce had just the right amount of tanginess to make me wish I had the ways and means to purchase an entire bottle!! I was also sorry that Uncle Huffy had sold out of his fried cabbage.

Paul Krumsieg who owns Dr. Jazz Soda Fountain & Grille quietly slipped into the booth across the table from me and animatedly began explaining all about his soda fountain and bed and breakfast.

I was served a cheddar bacon club with coleslaw. (Not the mayo type but the vinegar variety.) Again, one of my favorites which appears roughly 25% of the time on a menu as opposed to 75% for the creamy variety.

Paul then fixed be a sundae with premium ice cream from Cedar Crest Farms. This ice cream is imported from Wisconsin. It's incredibly smooth and rich. The hot fudge was very thick with a strong twinge of dark chocolate.

Paul has also opened a bed and breakfast upstairs. It has a contemporary decor which would appeal to all individuals. There's a slate pool table for everyone to enjoy.

What's even greater is the fact that Paul lets his guests choose what SPECIFIC types of ice cream they want stocked in their freezer.

The highlight of the stay at Dr. Jazz is being invited to attend Soda Jerk School after the grille is closed. People don aprons and then are shown how to make sodas, sundaes, and everything else ice-cream related. Of course, the creations are eaten!!

John and Betty Carter own Landmark On Madison Bed And Breakfast. John served me some of his big mountain cookies which contained chocolate, nuts, AND COCONUT.

Betty served fruit cup, French toast, crisp bacon, and apple juice. This couple has been in the bed and breakfast bushiness for over sixteen years, and they joined me for tea Monday morning. It's fun to be able to learn more insider's hints from an established owner.

Schiappa's Pizza also offered to donate a meal. But....there was virtually no room to consume anything else. Thanks very much for your generosity, and I'll keep you in mind when I'm again in Lebanon!!

The Lebanon Chamber Of Commerce was very accommodating when they helped me find the Voss pecan farm in Carlyle. However, a wicked frost had obliterated the pecan crop from native pecan trees. So...another reason to visit the area!!

February, 17, 2008 Brownstown, IL to Freeburg, IL

Saturday was spent simply leisurely meandering along Historic US 40. I passed numerous flyers in businesses enroute.

It's becoming evident that the theme for my venture is "Eat, Sleep, Barter)

Many businesses have been more than willing to donate items for the kick-off which will be held at the Dublin Fire Station in Dublin, IN on Wednesday, May 28, at 8:30 AM. This will be the 5th anniversary for the HNR and there will be speakers, prizes, and snacks.

It's been interesting and gratifying to see what different people have donated!!

I had lunch at Lu-Bob's Family Restaurant in Greenville IL. Bob Funderbruic, owner, certainly knows how to prepare a tasty Reuben.

Greenville also has quite a few Victorian homes on its tree-lined streets.

The rain began to pour down in earnest as darkness approached, and I was searching for His Rest Bed And Breakfast. I knew that I'd be spending the night in a log cabin. Another lovely bed and breakfast which was situated way out in the country!!

Vici and Kevin Eaders greeted me at the door and offered me something warm to drink. I looked in the gift shop and read some articles which had been written about Vici and Kevin's venture.

Vici serves a complimentary four course dinner if you arrive between 6:00-7:00.

Since the other guests cancelled at the last moment, Vici and Kevin joined me for dinner. Vici had prepared a wonderful repast including raspberry cheese ball w/crackers, romaine lettuce with avocado, cheese, sugared pecans, and a tangy raspberry vinaigrette dressing, bacon-wrapped sirloin with warm peppercorn sauce, asparagus alomndaine, rice, and red velvet cake with creamy white frosting.

I had a hard time deciding whether to have logs burning in my fireplace or listening to the rain pattern on the roof and wind whistle through the trees. A compromise was reached when I watched the flames of one log finally diminish in the fireplace and then listen to the rain.

Vici again served a wonderful breakfast and offered to do my laundry. (I'd spilled some blueberry-pomgranite juice on my HNR jacket the night before.) I gladly accepted the offer.

Vici also offers numerous types of religious retreats as well as other special weekend functions. I joined Kevin and Vici at church and for coffee afterwards. It was hard to leave. But... there was Lebanon, IL right down the road....

February 15, 2008 - Brownstown, IL

I had a very pleasant surprise when I arrived in Brownstown IL!! I was too early for supper at the Good Old Days Family Diner, and I was much too early to check in at the Brazle House Bed and Breakfast.

Brownstown is quite small. However, I happened to notice the local library. was open!! I've never had a friendlier staff assist and provide bits and pieces of local info!! It was possible to get my journal caught up to date!

Now...on for supper!! The Good Old Days Family Diner has an excellent array of items both on the menu as well as on the buffet.

David Behrends, the owner is quite affable. He encouraged me to try the seafood buffet. And...I took his suggestion. Everything was hot and tasty. Thanks so much David!!

However, the cucumber and onion salad was a special treat. It's also a specialty not often found on buffets.

David also has numerous antiques scattered around the restaurant. What makes it even better is that most of the items are for sale.

Vernon and Judy Brazle live in a Bavarian style house approximately eight miles out in the country. I arrived the evening other guests were arriving for a birthday party for an octogenarian relative. Their flight had been delayed extensively. Hindsight better than foresight, the family could have driven much quicker from Alabama to Brownstown rather than flying!!

Vernon's chocolate chip cookies are outstanding. I told him that he must make cookies with bananas in them the next time since I won't be as tempted with them.

Judy prepared a sumptuous breakfast Saturday AM. (She also slipped me several more of Vernon's cookies to eat on the way.)

February 15, 2008

It's always great when individuals in the Chamber Of Commerce express an interest in the Historic National Road Yard Sale. Rosemarie Brown, who works for the Madison County Chamber Of Commerce in Granite City Illinois, asked me to e-mail her about my experiences. These will be my Journal entries for Granite City.

Samantha Lesko, canine resident manager of Along The Way Bed and Breakfast in Granite City, Illinois invited me to accompany her into the far infrared sauna (soft heat) so we could both relax our stiff and aching muscles. This first happened on Monday night. Norma and Thomas Lesko are mother and son who are proprietors of this wonder B & B. (It wouldn't be until Thursday that would truly realize how wonder their hospitality was/is!!

I could think of no better place to be iced in for an entire day. Norma has three wonderful suites each with a private bath and many more luxurious amenities than most have in their private homes. (backtrack for a moment----somewhere between Monday night and 10:00 AM Tuesday morning my van changed from a dusky gray to shiny black and there was no precipitation from mother nature to rectify the problem!!)

Along the way B & B is a remodeled farmhouse originally built in the 1920's. This property is situated on seventy-five acres overlooking a lake that abounds with wildlife. Weather permitting, guests may enjoy fishing, cruising around the lake in a paddle boat, or possibly walking around exploring the wildlife or one of the Cahokia Indian mounds.

I've simply been grateful for Norma to prepare wonderful home-cooked meals, scintillating conversation, and the warmth of a friendly home. However, many other amenities exist including a lovely backyard for guests to enjoy, a fire pit for those who like to sit outside around a fire on a cool evening, a relaxing swing nestled inside a latticed arbor under the shade of a cypress tree, and a round picnic table is also available for an outdoor breakfast or a leisurely cup of coffee. It would be fun to return for any (or all) of the aforementioned activities in good weather!

I had a wonderful meal at Ravanelli's Wednesday. Melanie, the manager, generously donated a meal at this family-owned restaurant which originated in 1964. (I'll list this excellent Italian eatery on my website as well as an inclusion in my Travel Journal any and all businesses will be included in exchange for meals, accommodations, and other services rendered.) The Italian bean soup, salad, Uncle Billy's Pastalini, and bread were all succulent. That is, until two complimentary boasted chicken legs and carrot cake arrived!!It's hoped that I'm able to head to Highland to stay at the Tibbetts Bed and Breakfast in Highland, Illinois. But...if I'm "stranded"....Samantha will certainly keep me company!!

Petri's Cafe

I arrived at Petri's Cafe after maneuvering several different routes (city road construction) to find Petri's Cafe.

After perusing the menu, I decided on roast pork, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pickled beets. Everything was quite tasty and all homemade!! There were also many other menu selections from this family-owned business where quality food has been served since l946.

Here was an elderly gentleman in his eighties eating alone. I felt sorry for him and my inclination was to offer to pay for his meal.

I talked quietly to the waitress about my thoughts only to learn that he was Lawrence Petri owner of Petri's Cafe and Catering!!

I asked if I could join him. It was possible to garner a wealth of knowledge about Granite City and the dining patterns of patrons for over 60 years.

My only regret was that I didn't have room for homemade rhubarb pie or bread pudding with caramel sauce!!

Luna Cafe

It's allowed to break protocol----esp. when it's Route 66---to have a meal at the Luna Cafe which has been in continuous operation since 1926.

Everyone was friendly, and the crappie sandwich was light and flaky. The old neon sign was worth the detour in itself!!

Happy Tails/Tales!!

February 15, 2008

It's been a quiet but profitable day!!

I spent several hours visiting with individuals in Vandalia, Bluff City, Brownstown and St. Elmo.

Vandalia was the first capitol of Illinois. There's a Madonna Of The Trail in the center of downtown.

I had the opportunity to pass quite a few flyers here. All of the individuals were enthusiastic and receptive to the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

I've noticed many large vintage buildings close to downtown. One resident told me that it was a status symbol to be able to build a large home near the downtown district. It's been fun studying the various periods of architecture. It's also interesting to note how many of the older homes have been restored while others are in disrepair or have been torn down to make way for smaller homes or parking lots.

Tonight, I plan to spend the night at the Brazle House Bed And Breakfast in Brownstown. Happy Trails!!

February 15, 2008

It wasn't long until I crossed the Illinois border. The Wabash River was way beyond its banks. Again, not too many shops were open.

When I arrived in Marshall, Illinois, I was able to distribute flyers to various businesses. It was also a disappointment to see that the Archer House Hotel was now closed.

Yvonne at Old Gringo's Mexican Eatery & Cantina suggested that I try the taco bar which was Wednesday's special. Although I would have liked to order the shrimp tacos (which I'd had in the past), I opted for her suggestion. The shrimp fajita soup was spicy and tantalizing.

Wednesday and Thursday nights would be spent at the Country Charm Bed And Breakfast in Shelbyville, Illinois. Mike and Tink Durbin are excellent hosts who took care of every want and then anticipated some. I was also able to get my dog fix by playing with Max and Susie their black lab mixes.

Although I had my choice of rooms, I opted for the Lincoln Room which was at one time the servant's quarters. The gabled roof reminded me of spending a summer at my great uncle's house in Minnestoa when I was in junior high.

Mike provided me with both a list of contacts as well as directions. I took a lunch break at Wades Quality Meats which has been in business since the 1940's. Tina prepares the beef barbecue herself, and I was sorry that I could only eat one sandwich!!

Josephene Cochran gets the credit for developing the idea for the washing machine. Rumor has it that she was tired of the servants breaking all of her dishes!!

The staff at the 1903 Carnegie Library in Shelbyville was more than helpful in assisting me with this project. Thanks so much!!

On to Brownstown, more stories, and more FOOD!! And...none of it will contain the word "FAST"!!

February 13, 2008
There's an old Catholic Church that has been purchased by Darrel Best. "Brother Darrell", as he's now called, left the corporate world in St. Louis and relocated to Shelbyville.

He came to the community with the intention of buying a 1942 firetruck to assist with his ministry. Before long, he'd purchased the Catholic Church which is now called The Best Wedding Chapel.

Here he performs weddings, renewal of vows, and committment ceremonies. The fees are quite reasonable. And...if the weather cooperates....Brother Darrell will drive the bride and groom around town atop his fire truck.

Katie, his wife, conducts a daycare in their basement. When I visited, all of the children were eager to sahre stories with me. One little guy gave me a Spiderman valentine.

February 12, 2008
I received my early morning chocolate fix by having some mint truffles from Treasures On The Square. Not many of the antique shops were open.

Western Indiana doesn't have as many people and industry as Eastern Indiana. I was fascinated, however, with the plethora of vintage motels circa 1940-1950's. If you have the chance, notice the eerie sign at "The Walker" Motel near Putnasmville.

I stopped for lunch at Chaney's Restaurant in Harmony, Indiana. Teresa makes everything from scratch. The turkey manhatten, dressing, and buttered corn niblets were wonderful. And...the gravy was also homemade! My meal was completed with a slice of warm rhubarb pie.

Terre Haute was only forty-five miles away, but with the sleet and slush I wondered how long it would actually take!!

Wabash Avenue is synomymous with US 40 in this community. I stopped and talked with a couple who own the Wabash Cigar Store, Inc. John and Betty Sonafrank were able to tell me all sorts of stories since the store's inception in 1948.

I had supper at LaFamilia Jeshua's. The house salad included toasty pine nuts with a house anchovy dressing. Four crispy shrimp cakes with tangy cocktail sauce completed the meal. Next time, I'll come prepared to eat pizza.

The Farrington Bed & Breakfast in Terre Haute was once the home to the Hulman Family of Clabber Girl Baking Powder Fame. Diane Trackwell was able to tell me many stories about her mansion.

February 11, 2008

I was finally ready to leave Old Storefront Antiques (my antique shop) in Dublin, Indiana at 9:00 for the beginning of the Promotional Tour for the Historic National Road Yard Sale Promotional Tour.

I met Donna Tauber, the immediate past president of the Indiana National Road Association, for breakfast at the Flamingo Restaurant in Dunreith, Indiana.

Lowell served an excellent country breakfast with all the fixings. It was fun to leave on my journey with reflections on good food and fellowship

There were rumors of bad weather, so I watched the sky and kept my fingers crossed!!

It was disappointing to see that the Plainfield Diner was up for sale. This metal sided building had been one of US 40's treasures.

My next stop was at Martha's Orchard. It's always fun to visit with her.

Then...I drove across the street to visit with Bev Stewart who teaches classes in rug hooking. The name of her business is Whispering Pines. She lives in a 1925 arts and crafts house which is replete with many of the original furniture and lighting. We shared dessert while talking about the Historic National Road Yard Sale in Western Indiana.

Bev has been a staunch supporter for several years. She gave me several tips for the sale as well as donating several items for the kick-off which will be held at the Dublin Fire Station May 28, 2008 at 8:30 AM.

I arrived in Greencastle at nightfall, Gail Smith is the proprietor of "Almost Home Tea Room". Everything she prepares is homemade and delicious. The salmon was served with toasted pecans. Gail's signature dessert is the strawberry pizza.

Meg Widmer's Birdsong Bed And Breakfast was lovely. The solitude was also appreciated. You see, I had my own cabin. It was too bad that I couldn't walk around the 7 l/2 acre bird sanctuary which comprises her property. This treasure is very close to the outskirts of Greencastle, Indiana.

And...yes...we got ice instead of the promised snow. I awoke the next day to find that Meg had already scraped the ice from my windshield!!

The Trip Has Finally Begun!

The Leland Residence----Richmond, Indiana

Judy Sherrow has always been an ardent fan of the Historic National Road Yard Sale. She's also willing to help in whatever way possible.

The Leland Residence wasonce the Leland Hotel. Built in 1929, it was at one time THE preeminent hotel in Richmond. Many renowned individuals including Hoagy Carmichael either stayed or dined here while visiting Richmond.

Judy and Ispent quite a while sharing storeis of the Leland and Richmond in general.

Chipotle Grill----Richmond, Indiana

The Chipotle Grill is a brand new restaurant in Richmond.

I normally don't frequent chain restaurants, but I was hungry.So...I decided to give it a go.

I was pleasantly surprised!! The 1 - 1 1/2 lb. burrito was VERY tasty!! It was possible to select the specific items from a limited but well-thought out menu.

All of the fillings were fresh and tasty. The guacamole had been prepared minutes before. However, the tomato relish was OUTSTANDING!! The flavor of tomatoes, cilantro, and spices melded perfectly.

The staff was efficient and helpful.

I'll go back if for no other reason than to eat the tomato relish....

Riggle-Waltherman Mortuary-----Richmond, Indiana

George and Gary Riggle own one of the oldest funeral homes in Richmond. I've talked with George off and on for the past four years, and he's a veritable encyclopedia on the history and the history of funeral homes.

I once had a child's casket with a glass cover in my antique shop. Another item which was rather unique was a piece of netting which was placed over the body to keep flies away. I was laughing about the (or so to to me) archaic Practical Burial Slippers". I was readily informed that these are still on the market today since a person's foot may swell or shrink after death. That's why the shoes have laces in the back.

I also remember sharing with George how a friend of mine was dispersing her husband's general store collection. He had boxes and boxes of brass daisies, calla lilies, crosses, etc., etc. George corroborated my thought that these items were selected on a piece-by-piece basis to be placed on someone's casket.

I couldn't figure out how to sell the casket hardware. That is, until I arranged each item in a respective cloth-lined berry basket. One crafty lady came in and asked what they were. I replied, "Decorative metal hardware. She bought everything. Sans a discount!!

Main Street Beads....Richmond, Indiana

Debbie Cummins is certainly an enthusiastic proprietor!!Although this business has been open less than a year, there is already a loyal and devout following!!

One of my friends from Milton makes regular pilgrimages to the store replete with every sort or bead you can imagine. A class or simply a couple of hours on her own provides a much-needed respite from a busy and hectic schedule. She's a crafter. (I'm not.)

However, I've seem some of the jewelry she's made and listened to the numerous accolades about the store!!

Pinehurst Nursing Home----Centerville, Indiana

Pinehurst Nursing Home is a small facility on the East side of Historic Centerville.

The homey atmosphere enables the residents to know one another and interact with the staff on a much more personal level. It's neat the way the complex is situated in a grove of vintage pines. (Duh on my part!!) But...when you see the complex, you'll understand!!

I was informed that many of the residents look forward to participating in the Historic National Road Yard Sale by selling items, water, or anything else which might pique a potential buyer's interest.

Gilley's Antique Mall....Plainfield, Indiana

It always encouraging when there's support from businesses (and individuals) in the Western portion of Indiana!!

Mona Robinson has a large antique mall as well as a craft mall on her premises. There's a wide variety of antiques to select. And...the items easily fit everyone's budget!!

Community Family Funeral Home----Richmond, Indiana

Kevin Fouche and Tracy Wright have opened as new Funeral Home in Richmond, Indiana. It's conveniently located in the former Miller's Cafeteria.

Kevin and Tracy are both very personable and helpful. Tracy also has a terrific sense of humor!! Kevin informed me that this is the only funeral home owned by both a black person and a white person in the State of Indiana.

Cutshaw's Market----Cambridge City, Indiana

Kent and Brent Fortman maintain an excellent grocery. Although it's located in a small town, there is a wide variety of groceries. Most of the products in the deli are homemade.

If a customer desires a special item, every attempt will be made to procure it.

Doc's White River Salvage----Indianapolis

Doc has been in the antique/architectural salvation business for many years.

It's always fun to kibbitz with him about what he's been up to and hear about special "finds"!!

Critters----Richmond, Indiana

Critters is a unique pet store in Richmond. There are all sorts of creatures who enjoy receiving attention.

Again...these are folk who have a strong penchant for canines. Once when Mr. Eli was with mr (Baby Lily disdains travel), he was given a very large gnaw bone to his total enjoyment!!

Kroger's----Richmond, Indiana

Natalie Lucas was very helpful two years when I took a Promotional Tour with Mr. Eli my Irish wolfhound/airedale mix.

She decided that it would be a good idea to have Mr. Eli distribute snack size baggies with a business card and dog biscuits.

Although Mr. Eli is no longer with us,Natalie decided to replicate this kind gesture in honor of Baby Lily, my current pooch, and in memory of Mr. Eli.

Bumblebee Quick Print----Richmond, Indiana

Ken and Linda Paustare the proprietors of three printing centers in Richmond, Indiana.

When I explained how important it was to be able to distribute flyers pertaining to the Historic National Road Yard Sale on my Promotional Tour, they were more than welcome to extend their generosity beyond the confines of Wayne County.

Thanks Linda & Ken!!

C & W BAR-B-QUE----Richmond, Indiana

I visited with Victor as he slathered tangy barbeque sauce on long slabs of ribs. Plump chickens were awaiting their turn.

Victor said that this barbeque business has been in business for 25 years. Although the business is only open three days (Thur.-Sat.) and relatively short hours, they almost always always sell out ahead of closing time.

My only regret was that I was only able to consume so much food!!

The Shambles Furniture Restoration----Cumberland, Indiana

Pat Long-Wu has a wonderful furniture restoration business in Cumberland, Indiana. It's fun to hear "before" and "after" stories.

Pat is also an avid supporter of the Historic National Road!!

Post & Post Hardware & Rentals----Knightstown, Indiana

This is an example of what a hardware store looked like back in the 50's and 60's although the service and merchandise is 2008 style.

Mr. Post is 90-something young, and he knows where everything is!!

I'm only sorry that he's sold all of his vintage merchandise sans a 60's style phone holder!!

Herdrich Oil Company (Cambridge City Shell)----Cambridge City, Indiana

Thanks so much to the help from Herdrich Oil Company!!

I'll think of you as I travel down US 40.

Gas America.....Greenfield Indiana

Thanks so much Lynn Denis for taking the time to listen to me talk about the planning of the Historic National Road Yard Sale!! Your enthusiastic comments and suggestions could hardly keep me from heading down the road right then!!

Your kindness and generosity will also be appreciated.

When I pass Gas America's homeoffice....I'll honk my horn as a tribute. (I hope no one else is in front of me!!)

Carver's Restaurant----Richmond Indiana

Carver serves a wide variety of excellent home-cooked meals.

However, this restaurant is Greek-owned, and I always order something with oregano, olive, oil, and lemon. Their Greek salad is MORE than one meal. The chocolate cake is sinfully rich, and there's no skimping on the chocolate frosting. Dark chocolate curls further contribute to the decadence!!

Donna Tauber----Spiceland Indiana

Donna Tauber is the immediate past president of the Indiana National Road Association.

When I Donna, her enthusiasm was most contagious. The Historic National Road Yard Sale would have not reached fruition had she not encouraged me when I wasn't sure what I was doing!!

Donna was also in charge of all e-mails since I knew virtually next to nothing about the computer.

She's been a diligent worker at every Historic National Road Yard Sale. Without fail, she"kidnaps" me for a jaunt(both East and West) down US 40 in bumper traffic during the sale itself!!

Donna....does it seem possible that this will be the 5th year for the HNR?

Jerry Hartgrove----Dunreith, Indiana

Jerry Hartgrove loved every facet of the Historic National Road. He was instrumental in introducing Donna Tauber to me.

Whatever needed to be done, Jerry was always willing and able.

Although he succumbed to an untimely death several years ago, I count his presence in the present.

Erin Abney----Programming And Micros (PAM) Richmond IN

Erin Abney helped me develop and implement a website four years ago. She maintains patience and enthusiasm personified!!

She's the one who designed my website for the Historic National Road Yard Sale, compiled a Sponsor Index, compiled all of the photos and Journal entries, and kept all of the semblance of order with whatever I e-mailed.

Kudos, Erin!!

February 9, 2008 - Four Outstanding Libraries

Wayne County, Indiana is extremely fortunate to have four outstanding libraries in Cambridge City, Centerville,Dublin, and Hagerstown.

All of the staff in each facility have always gone over and beyond what was/is necessary to assist with the Historic National Road Yard Sale!!

Had it not been for the friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable staff, the Promotional Tour I'm taking would have not been nearly as pleasant!!

I recently received word that the Historic National Road Yard Sale has been selected to be included in the May/June issue of Midwest Living which will appear on the newsstands April 29. I'm sure that the part of the reason this event was selected was because of all the guidance the staff at the four libraries provided.


February 3, 2008 - US 40 in Wayne County, Indiana

Several weeks ago I was talking to Kim at the Warm Glow Candle Company. I explained that I'd be staying in numerous Bed And Breakfasts along US 40. I also wanted to find a gift for the individuals which was indicative of Wayne County and produced with the County's bounds.

Kim said to come by the Warm Glow Candle Factory on January 25, and she'd have an order ready. We both thought that this would be a win-win situation for everyone. People would be the recipients of a hand-dipped candle,and Warm Glow Candles as well as a flyer would be dispersed all along US 40.

I called to confirm my order on Jan.25. Kim wasn't at the store. She was in Hollywood. I immediately thought Florida. WRONG!!

Hollywood, California!! Amarosa, one of the participants on "The Apprentice", had received a Warm Glow Candle as a gift. She suggested that Jackie Carberry and crew represent Warm Glow Candles at the Screen Actor's Guild gift display.

When I picked up the candles, Alan Carberry could barely keep his feet to the ground in excitement. He invited me to have lunch while he shared the experience which was still in progress.

I couldn't help but notice how happy he seemed in a quite sort of way. CONGRATULATIONS WARM GLOW!!

Bartering worked at the Sunshine Cafe. I couldn't help but wonder if this same procedure would work elsewhere.

SAS shoes are some of my favorites. I'll also be utilizing quite a bit of shoe leather in a week or so.

I called Rodger Sieb whose family owns Esmond's Shoes in Richmond, Indiana. While I was waiting for the call to go through, my mind did a bit of reflective " thinking. "Rodger, who do you think looks older? Your store or me?"

The question was aptly answered by saying that the store was started in 1948. I proceeded to talk to him about the yard sale. Would he be interested in making a donation toward the Promotional Tour? "Like What"? Roger said?

"Your store and I both originated in 1948. Would you be willing to take a $1 off for each year I've been alive?"

Rodger proceeded to tell me that Esmond's shoes was the only family-owned shoe store within a 100-mile radius which also includes Columbus, Ohio. People come to buy shoes for feet that are hard to fit. The nifty store decorations are a visual reminder of the changes in style and design of advertising.

Shortly, thereafter, I added taupe to my shoe wardrobe. Esmond's Shoes was added to my sponsor list.

Adair's Spice Of Life in Centerville, Indiana is a restaurant which serves healthy food. When I talked to Corrine, she said that she and her staff also make it a practice to plan several items which are tasty and portable so people may eat and shop and the same time during the HNR.

Corrine is also conscious of people who are over 62. She has a special menu planned just for them. This way, they're able to enjoy a meal out and still remain within their budget.

However, it's hard for anyone to resist her ice cream treats!! A double dip of Ruggles ice cream in a sugar cone is always a favorite. I think that the next time I stop by, I'll ask her to put some hot fudge in the tip of the cone for dessert!!

Back in 2004 when the HNR was still on the drafting board, I stopped to talk to Norma Jones who owns the Enchanted Sleigh in Centerville, Indiana.

Although I was a bit dubious to embark on such a venture (the yard sale was then to extend only for a mere 37 miles---Richmond to Knightstown), Norma offered kind words of encouragement. Without my having to say anything, she asked if she could make a financial contribution.

Well, Norma, you're still being just as supportive as ever!!'re now able to converse with people from as far away as St. Louis and Baltimore!! AND THE SALE HAS EXPANDED FROM THREE DAYS TO FIVE DAYS!!

Thanks so much!!

Walther And Hawkins are auctioneers who have cried sales for over l8 years.

While they do conduct ordinary household sales, their specialty is art, fine glassware, museum-quality furniture, and other esoteric items which command high prices.

Andy's droll sense of humor is always appreciated, and it's an education to attend one of their auctions event though your purse is too thin before registering for a number.

The Sunshine Cafe in Richmond, Indiana is one of the few restaurants that's open 24/7. I was talking to the day manager about my HNR project, and asked if she'd be interested in helping out.

She said that the Historic National Road Yard Sale does bring added business to her eatery. Would I be interested in stopping by for a meal either outbound or inbound?

I said that I'd already been"committ eated" but what about a fried shrimp dinner on the spot? Soon, I was dipping crispy shrimp in tangy cocktail sauce with cole slaw and simmered green beans (not dumped from a can) along with smokey bits of ham!! I opted out of dessert although the fudge cake was tempting.

Stuckey's Dairy Queen and pecan rolls are synonymous with childhood car trips. Whenever it was time for a respite, we'd stop for gas and purchase some type of snack.

One year, my Mom and I took an extensive auto tour. Whenever Mom would purchase 10 gallons of gas, we'd receive a complimentary pecan roll. Pecan rolls were (and still are) considered a delicacy. So...Mom said that if I'd be willing to not chow down on them on a regular basis....we could give them as souvenirs to family and friends back home. It didn't take long for me to figure out that by doing this I could spend the $$ on gifts for other treats at Stuckey's. For...when one is on a long journey ....variety does help!!

The manager of the Centerville, Indiana Stuckey's offered me a drink of choice. When I mentioned that I was chairperson of the Historic National Road Yard Sale and was embarking on a Promotional Tour, she further extended her generosity by letting me select an assortment of treats for the road. It was fun to be able to select snack packs of Triscuits, Ritz Crackers, Oreos, candy pars, salsa and of course a pecan roll!!

My only regret is that I didn't KEEP some of the souvenirs I purchased back then. They'd definitely have collector value now. Hint: Remember the lemon or orange "Florida" salt and pepper shakers?

Smiley's Pub in downtown Richmond, Indiana has been a landmark for over 40 years. Nancy Rankin is continuing to carry on the tradition started by her husband Harold.

Nancy spoke animatedly when she told me that her husband (his moniker was"Smiley") was a world traveler. He decided to create an English pub. Whenever another building became available, Harold would buy it. Eventually, there were five buildings which resulted in secluded cubby after secluded cubby and alcove after alcove.

To commemorate Valentine's Day, Nancy is going to sponsor a contest "How did you meet your mate in Smiley's"? Nancy proudly states that Smiley's maintains an eclectic mix of people encompassing all socioeconomic strata, race, gender, and age. She also stated that single women may come into the pub and feel secure.

A guy visited Smiley's and commented that Smiley's is the only bar is the US worthy of being called a pub!! When you come in, notice the money collection on the walls and be sure to ask Nancy about which lap of the journey cost the most to have there English phone booth inserted (an understatement!!) in one of the pub's rooms.

And...the food....the pizza and appetizer sampler were outstanding----especially the deep fried dill pickles!!'s truly an accomplishment to serve something deep fried without having a greasy taste either as the morsel is eaten or afterwards. My only regret is that I didn't have room for deep fried brownie bites!! (Note: Smiley's offers all items to go.) Wouldn't it be fun to haggle while munching beer-battered onion rings?

January 30, 2008

Leigh and Kristi Langkabel graciously welcomed me to the Kopper Kettle Restaurant which they've owned the past ten years. It was definitely hard to concentrate on conversation, because the wonderful aroma of fried chicken wafted throughout the room!!

My friend Donna and I sat in an airy room and studied the menu which has an excellant array from which to choose.

However, both of us had heard about their family style fried chicken dinners and that was the sole intention of this mission.

The prelude included crisp garden salad with homemade blue cheese dressing, apple butter, hot rolls, and creamy onion soup with crisp croutons.

Well-seasoned green beans, crisp corn niblets, mashed potatoes with the requisite lumps, and wonderful chicken gravy were also part of the meal.


There was only one problem (and what a happy one!!) that we both had to contend....most restaurants provide only two sides plus two (or three if you're lucky) pieces of chicken.

The family style chicken dinner also included beverage and dessert of choice. So...who was going to pass up homemade spice cake with cream cheese or a hot fudge sundae??

Leigh then gave us a tour of the restaurant. There was a stained glass window from the Wertz Castle in Cincinnati, Ohio, tables with baby grand piano legs which were custom-designed at the turn of the century, special rooms each containing a designated motiff, and a wonderful patio and garden. Many of the trees were over l00 years old. The landscaping has been designed to accommodate these giants instead of reaching for the saw. Too bad we couldn't celebrate July in January!!

January 20, 2008


Today, I was reviewing some info about the Historic National Road in Ohio.

It's a given that the small family-owned motel is almost extinct. When I noticed that the Twin Pines Motel was still in business in St. Clairsville, Ohio, I decided to peruse a bit further.

In a short amount of time, I was talking to Julia Kuntz who has owned and managed the Twin Pines Motel since 1972. This remarkable lady graduated from the University of Vermont in Burlington in 1953 with a degree in dietetics. Her area of concentration focused on food and nutrition. She went on to say that her mother graduated from Syracuse University in 1913 and taught art. Her grandparents on her mother's side met at Potsdam Art School in Potsdam, New York in the l880's.

She said Frederick, her husband, had worked for the Cleveland-Plain Dealer for 20 years. When the opportunity to purchase motel became an option, both elected to move to St. Clairsville, Ohio.

January, 19 2008


Well, it's been a week since I turned 60. I'm still alive and kicking!! I'm still able to read and write.

Thus, a bit of shell shock HAS worn off!!

I haven't joined any study clubs, learned to play bridge, made any watercress/cream tea sandwiches, or decided which day my social calendar dictated where I should be.

However, read the January 20 Journal entry for a women who has provided me with the impetus that the next score is still very positive and creative.

January 6, 2008

Today is Epiphany. This is also Twelfth Night. (This is also about as much as I remember about Shakespeare from my college days since I had an English Literature professor who made a total debauchery of the course.)

You see, I was an English Education major, and the prof was totally immersed in every minute detail about the Bard.

I knew that I was headed for BIG trouble when I asked him why it was necessary for me to know the act, scene, specific lines, the precise page # from which the material appeared in my textbook, relevancy then, and relevancy now.

Anyway, in additional to the Promotional Tour for the Historic National Road Yard Sale, a sidebar for the trip is going to involve FOOD!!

This will be a culinary excursion of sorts. I plan to tour the Baltimore City Market, visit Coleman's Fish Market in Wheeling West Virginia, talk with one of the directors of the Indianapolis City Market, and sniff out any other city markets the same way a dog attempts to sniff out truffles in France.

Another of my goals is to not eat at any chain restaurants throughout my Promotional Tour. There are way more local eateries which are much more enticing. And... for a landlocked Hoosier... the seafood on the East Coast will be sublime.

Other than a severe allergy to octopus and squid, I'm able to eat anything (and everything) that's presented to me. More will follow on some of the wonderful eating I'm anticipating.


** Alka Seltzer!!

November 24, 2008

Plans are beginning to take shape as far as my departure date for the Promotional Tour 2008 is concerned. I'll be leaving Dublin, Indiana on February 8th and heading West to St.Louis.

My plan is to be gone two months. If anyone would like to have me make a presentation about the Historic National Road Yard Sale at one of their events, please let me know.

Also, if anyone knows individuals who would be able to provide some narrative for this journal, that would also be great. (RE: Many times interesting stories pop up at local restaurants, businesses, etc., etc.) I'd love to have the chance to interview them!!

Speaking of food, does anyone know of any locally-owned restaurants they're especially fond. Please e-mail me and let me know!!

Still 59....

November 1, 2007 year...I've decided to embark on a Promotional Tour which will begin in February. Since I'm now three score, I decided that it would be appropriate to take two months and truly feel the pulse of the Historic National Road, exchange stories with people along the way, and make more contacts promoting the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

I've already started making rudimentary contacts, and the research (while not empirical) is fascinating!! Watch for the next segments which pertain to two pivotal factors to consider when traveling----sleeping and eating!!

Until then....still 59....

October 29, 2007
My name is Patricia McDaniel. I'm the chairperson of the Historic National Road Yard Sale which extends from St.Louis, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland.

Next year there will be two special anniversaries to celebrate!! The first is one in which I'm thrilled----The Historic National Road Yard Sale will be 5 years old. I've received all sorts of enthusiasm from dedicated yard sale aficionados who simply can't wait until the first Wednesday after Memorial Day to begin culling all sorts of treasures. (In 2008, the dates for the Historic National Road Yard Sale will be May 28-June 1.)


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