National Road Cookbook


National Road Cookbook Volume IV

My name is Patricia McDaniel.  I chair the Historic National Road Yard Sale which extends for 824 miles from St. Louis to Baltimore.  I've made three promotional tours along the 824 miles and have already edited two editions of the Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook.

      I'm now in the process of collecting recipes from individuals, restaurants, bed and breakfasts from ANYONE along the National Road (Route 40) for the third volume of the Historic National Road Cookbook.  I'm ESPECIALLY looking for recipes from restaurants which are no longer in business.  Comments from readers who've read the first two volumes have indicated that this is an area of particular interest.  If you have any recipes which are historic, ethnic or use local products from your region, please include these as well.


    I'll need the recipes by August 15.  My e-mail address is:


In advance, thanks so much!!




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