Here you can find third party information about the towns and landmarks along the Historic National Road US 40. Take a look around and enjoy!

U.S. Route 40: This WikiPedia article is great, it give detailed information about the National Road including what towns are along US 40 and what other roads converge and joining US 40 on its journey across the country. Remember the Yard Sale only follows US Route 40 from Baltimore, MD to St. Louis, MO.

Maps: These maps shows a route along US Route 40 for each state. These maps are totally dependant on the the data available online and the accuracy of Google Maps. So keeping this in mind we recommend that you check these routes carefully because they may be inaccurate. We don't want you all getting lost so check, recheck and triple check your driving directions. Some of these states had to be broken into multiple sections due the size of the maps. The locations highlighted along the maps were selected so that we could keep the path along the Historic National Road, not because they are any better then any other place along the HNR. All maps traverse West to East.

St. Louis & Illinois - Indiana - Western Ohio - Eastern Ohio- Pennsylvania - West Virginia - Western Maryland - Midway down US 40 Maryland - Eastern Maryland

The 2006 Historic US 40 Yard Sale Archive

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